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Agenda and Minutes

Action Items

#DescriptionDue DateAssigneeStatusTask In
1Topology content
Need PR.  Will wait until Thursday and issue PR.  Nokia will provide feedback if possible within current COVID-19 rebalancing challengesIssue #638

Number of suggestions for improvements and convergence on language.

Samuel to add "Network Node" write-up in the same PR (Pankaj sent email to Samuel) – not done so created Issue #1390 and PR# 1391

Issue #1153

PR #1310

3PR's Requiring Review
as per PR
PR # 1360, 1362, 1387 and 1391

4PR's Requiring fixes
Petar Torre

PR # 1389

Ahmed El Sawaf to provide a reference to RedHat et al performance sources/sizing guidelines and these can be included in the write-up.

5OpenStack Mandatory Features
Manik Sidana Issue #1156 – no PRIssue #1156
6Security: Confidentiality & Integrity
Karine SevillaIssue #1217 – no PR;Issue #1217
7Cyborg API correction
Karine Sevilla

At the RA-1 meeting on March 30th decided to remove Cyborg

Need Issue/PR to change Cyborg API to v1 from v2.

Also, suggest that the following comment be added, "Operators are advised not to implement Cyborg (including support for API v1) because of its limited capabilities but more importantly that starting with OpenStack Stein release the data model, including exposed objects, has changed necessitating changes in API where backward compatibility is not possible. Reference: Cyborg API Version 2("

8Barbican write-up in RA-1 Ch03
Karine SevillaTo raise Issue and Content
9Review SDN in RA-1 Ch 3.2.5

PR #1391 add a subsection on SDN and reference to Ch 3.2.5

Issue and PR for RA-1 Ch 3.2.5 upgrade

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