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Please add your name in here:

  1. Kelvin Edmison (Nokia)
  2. Mark Shostak
  3. Pankaj Goyal (AT&T)
  4. Gergely Csatari  (Nokia)
  5. Karine Sevilla (Orange)
  6. shasha guo (China Mobile)
  7. Tomas Fredberg (Ericsson)
  8. Rabi Abdel (Vodafone)
  9. Walter Kozlowski (Telstra)
  10. Ahmed El Sawaf (STC)
  11. Tom Van Pelt (GSMA)
  12. Al Morton (AT&T)
  13. Trevor Cooper
  14. Petar Torre (Intel)
  15. Ulrich Kleber (Huawei)
  16. Toshiyasu Wakayama (KDDI)

Special Notes:

  • Given the limited time available, we will focus on identifying issues/actions/next steps, but not solving them right now
  • Weekly RM meetings are intended to
    • Identify owners for new Issues
    • Track open Issues
    • Address technical issues that cannot be resolved online (i.e. resolve stalls)


  • Networking Fabric Update (Walter)

    1. Identify the team. Possible members:
      1. Ahmed (STC)
      2. Oya (Vz)
      3. Kelvin (Nokia)
      4. Mark S
      5. Tomas (Ericsson)
      6. Suhdev (Juniper)
      7. Petar (Intel) Trevor Cooper(Intel)
      8. Walter (Telstra)
      9. Scott Steinbrueck (ATT)
      10. Karine (Orange)
      11. Toshiyasu Wakayama (KDDI)
    2. Select a lead contributor responsible for organising the contribution and pulling it together for the consideration within the full RM team.

    3. Identify the highest priorities including the immediate tasks. I would suggest: definition of the Networking Fabric scope within RM; target in a week time

    4. Logistics of the contribution (where in RM, define a PR and assign it, etc)

  • Open questions
    • <TBD>

  • New Business
    • Can the RM meeting move 1 hr earlier?
    • This had been explored previously, but conditions have changed (i.e. preceding RC meeting using same zoom bridge)


  • General
    •  Walter Kozlowskito create Etherpad for Networking Fabric discussions for post-Baldy release
    • Walter Kozlowski call the first meeting for the Networking Fabric topic


  • Discussed RM Appendix A: Guidelines for VNF vendors
  • Agreed that:
    • guidelines in the RM Appendix A (Guidelines for VNF Vendors) can refer to other standards that specify requirements.
    • Requirements are included in the Security Chapter if they are verifiable from from a black-box test of the VNF
    • If it is not verifiable in this manner, it can be included as a guideline in the RM Appendix A.
  • Networking Fabric
    • Use issue #1037 to discuss post-Baldy network fabric plans
    • Use issue #587 issue to discuss/track the work needed for Baldy
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