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Agenda and Minutes

  • Agenda Bashing
  • Antitrust Policy:
  • High Level 1Q 2020 Tasks for Baldy Release
    • Still a number of PR's that haven't been updated - need to see approvals to close them down
  • RA-1 Chapters 1 - 4 Status Report  Ian Gardner
    • Open Issues & Status
    • Requirements - chapter 2.
      • SfC - propose to remove the requirement for Baldy - look for a common API on top of Neutron / SDN controller later - agreed to remove - does this belong in VNFm or Orchestrator or...
      • Include Barbican - check for API version but as it is a "should" - already part of FuncTest.  
      • Broad issue for anything without a unified/common-API (e.g. Monitoring) cannot be tested by FuncTest - need to discuss what to do for this
    • Ch4. Reservation of Compute Nodes Cores - PR  #1065 - conflict needs fixing to allow merge Pankaj Goyalto review. Rabi already resolved and PR has been merged/closed.
    • Network Node chapter proposal has gone for mini-review as incomplete currently - need to add DVR as per Sukhdev Kapur comments - other comments welcome please contact Pankaj Goyal
    • Topology proposal - Ian Gardner
  • RA-1 Chapters 5 - 7 Status Report Karine Sevilla

    • Open Issues & Status
    • Reference Compliance - Cedric added API requirements to add traceability to OpenStack APIs - agreement to move this to Ch2 - but working on wording.  Do we want one requirement per service or a single one "OpenStack Service".  
      • Agreement to move to Ch2 (consolidated set of requirements) to include versions and features 
      • Pankaj Goyal will send wording to Cedric to gain agreement for PR #1245
    • Chapter 6 - #1216 done (RBAC).  #1217 issue raised for confidentiality 
    • Chapter 7 - Life Cycle Management (LCM) - #1182 - please review - ideally vendors please!
  • RA-1 Chapters 8 Status Report Sukhdev Kapur
    • Open Issues & Status
    • No update
    • Mehmet Toy may wish to add some review / details here as discussed
  • AOB
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