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Agenda and Minutes

  • Agenda Bashing
  • Antitrust Policy:
  • RA-1 Core Status Report  Ian Gardner
    • Open Issues & Status
    • RA-1 HW Acceleration Changes to Chapter 03 and 04 – minor corrections required | can we make approve and close?
      • liyingjy made suggested corrections. Still needs to address Karine's comment
      • PR #818 – Move off core services
    • RA-1 Ch02 stale PRs (no activity for long time) – need merging by Rabi (follow the process).
    • Ian G to review Issues that are Roadmap
  • RA-1 Ops Status Report Karine Sevilla

    • Open Issues & Status
    • RA-1 Ch05: Cyborg APIs – liyingjy updated but has specified latest v2 rather than v1 for PIke.
    • RA-1 Ch07: Karine to change Roadmap label
  • RA-1 Dev Status Report Sukhdev Kapur
    • Open Issues & Status
    • Pankaj to close Issue #372
    • Sukhdev to review #373 (standard HW interface)
  •  Mike Fix asked for decision on next CNTT OSTK version
  • Clean-Up Activities
    • Pankaj to create PRs for CH3 and 5 (already consistent) and perform the necessary cleanup – hopefully reviewed and approved prior to Prague
    • Sukhdev to update Ch08 – SFC and Multi-cloud
  • Pre-Prague Preparation
  • Meetings Schedule
    • No meeting on January 13, 2020 | Happy hunting in Prague
    • Next Meeting January 27, 2020 | will create new meeting series
  • AOB

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