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Task Force Members,

A summary and actions from today’s call are provided below. Key Update: A high level agenda has been created for the 3rd CNTT F2F working session in Antwerp – next steps are to establishing facilitators/presenters and further define the working sessions.


Mark Cottrell (AT&T), Rabi Abdel (Vodafone), Pankaj Goyal (AT&T), Vincent Danno (Orange), Georg Kunz, Herbert Damker (DT), Ian Gardner (Vodafone), Mark Shostak (AT&T), Mike Bustamente (AT&T), Mike Fix (AT&T), Fu Qiao (China Mobile), Kyle Greenwell (Verizon), Markus, Rick Tennant (AT&T), Xu Yang, Pierre Bichon (Juniper), Toshi Wakayama (KDDI), Bob Monkman, Jim Baker (LFN), Zhiqiang Yu (Huawei)


  • Housekeeping Items
      • Call logistics updated to include LFN wiki links & zoom bridge information
      • Chapter Zoom bridge creation / assignments are being worked
  • Technology Update
    • Overall
      • Need to encourage broader community engagement; contributions include PR creation, taking assignments
        • Critical to have inputs & feedback at this time as the RM | RA are being created
        • RM | RA inputs, review, & feedback should be performed & communicated prior to the CNTT F2F workshop in Antwerp
      • Not enough to request a pull request, be specific and assign issue to contributors
      • Process: best way to engage additional contributors:
        • Chapter leads recruit & encourage contributions from all members
        • Subscribe to Github
        • Assign an issue to members in Github
        • Have members create a pull request in Github
      • Request for Comment period, time expiration given to maintain momentum
      • Idea: “Writing a book in a week” approach – Beth
    • Reference Model  
      • Chapters progressing well with active PRs
      • Issues are being created by Chapter Leads (captured in GitHub Issues)
    • Reference Architecture  
    • Contacts: Rabi Abdel / Walter Kozlowski (Co-Leads)  
  • Release Management
    • Meeting will be scheduled next week to formulate plan & structure (Jonathan)
    • Contacts: Jim Baker / Jonathan Beltran / Rick Tennant  (Co-Leads)
  • Test & Certification
    • CNTT Reference Implementation Project submitted on 8/23 to OPNFV TSC
      • Process is to submit, posted for 2 weeks, then moves to TSC
      • Stakeholdering | ramp up will occur during the next 2 weeks
      • Fu Qiao adding additional members to the submission
    • Host location has not been identified – dependent on the where, how
    • Jim Baker mentioned folks are getting anxious to get to work
    • Contacts: Fu Qiao / Mike Fix / Kyle Greenwell  (Co-Leads)
  • Antwerp Face to Face (9/26-9/27)
    • Registrations are now open for the CNTT 3rd F2F Working Group Session in Antwerp Belgium – REGISTER HERE
    • FAQ for ONS reviewed:
      • Rabi, Walter, & Vincent agreed to provide responses
      • FAQ will be leveraged for ONS Europe panel discussion
      • Item added: How will CNTT engage and leverage work performed by other open source communities: How can they contribute to CNTT?
      • List attached to this email (word doc)
    • Walter, Vincent, Rabi to join Antwerp Planning WG
    • High Level Agenda reviewed – recommended changes:
      • Condense Community, Recruiting, Adoption, Marketing
      • Create breakout sessions to increase time / focus on RM, RA, RI, & Testing | Certification
      • Additional information required on rooms to support concurrent sessions
      • Next Steps: Identify owners, presenters, & detail planning for breakout sessions
    • Session flow: Plenary session, then breakout, then come back again
    • Contacts: Mark Cottrell / Rabi, Abdel / Beth Cohen (Co-Leads)
  • Reminder: General Communications
    • Community members should subscribe to the appropriate CNTT distribution list(s) to stay informed:
    • Contacts: Jim Baker / Jonathan Beltran / Rick Tennant (Co-Leads)


  • Antwerp Planning WG  – revise agenda then share out to listservs again
  • Rick – Add FAQ item: How do related communities play a role in e.g. Akraino
  • Jonathan – Additional general discussion on alignment with other SDOs – create slide
    • Akraino
    • ONAP
    • OpenStack
  • Jonathan  – Change to UTC time on the meeting schedule
  • All - (we) need to increase our communication and encourage broader participation in CNTT
  • Jonathan  – Send a reminder to community to subscribe to the mailing list
  • Chapter Leaders - need to recruit and encourage meeting participants to create PRs, encourage others to do that
  • Jonathan – Send Communication Email with timelines, dates, signup for list services, registration for Antwerp
  • All – Everyone needs to keep repeating message to contribute
  • Rick – send word doc out for Antwerp FAQs

What’s next?

  • Increase Operator | Vendor engagement in all things CNTT
  • Fall 2019 CNTT F2F  Agenda & Logistics
  • Identify and assess key open source communities for engagement with CNTT

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