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LF Staff:  Casey Cain Jim Baker Trishan de Lanerolle
Committee Members: VM Brasseur Jason Hunt  Abhijit Kumbhare Ranny Haiby Olaf Renner Brian Freeman  @Danny Lin  Bin Hu Timothy Verrall Brian Freeman Morgan Richomme Ranny Haiby  Christian Olrog jianguo zeng Joseph Gasparakis



Meet and Greet introductions

Project priorities to improve uptake of the projects

  • ODL - documentation improvements via cutting costs on infrastructure
    • Would like new use cases/scenarios to illustrate
  • ONAP
    • docs and product maturity
    • one-click install of ONAP
    • Stood up instance of ONAP for sandbox play
  • TF
    • Carbide is a one click install of TF
      • It is easy to spin up, but then what?
      • Recently made a "what's next" doc
      • One click works pretty well AND provides tracking of use (few hundred spin-ups per month)
  • Internationalization support 
    • Providing the Chinese (simplified) getting started guide.
    • Reference implementation (virtual sandbox) in AWS or similar environment to help organizations ramp up quickly. 
  • Concern around production implementations. How do you manage the complexity of the various components 
  • Have easy to use "first touch" documentation to onboard new developers quickly, to encourage new contributors. 
  • What do you have for new developers to get started, intro documentation across projects, "Here's all the LFN projects and how you get started".
    • Getting started, one click (if available), setup dev environment etc.. 
    • Look at ODL as initial example. 
    • Develop better use cases and user stories and tie those to features available. Collaboration between TAC and MAC would be required. 
  • Working on gathering community input for infrastructure working committee. Looking for volunteers to join the committee. 
  • TAC will continue to work on Infra-structure, life cycle, technical advisory office.
  • Jason will raise topics discussed above at board f2f and follow up with TAC. 
  • Integration and testing work is happening independent of LF infrastructure, is gating factor. Some teams are working in gitlab instead. 
  • Tooling changes to accommodate Python end of life from 2 to version 3 in 2020, caused a week long disruption to ONAP release, when it was made.. 
    • Does the TAC want to look across tickets to identify common issues across projects. 
  • Self service system was not tested enough, for instance munged jars being generated. 

Action items