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LF Staff: Casey Cain Andrew Grimberg Kenny Paul Trevor Bramwell @Steve Ira Jim Baker  Trishan de Lanerolle Heather Kirksey
Committee Members:  Bin Hu Timothy Verrall Jason Hunt Frank Brockners Ranny Haiby Davide Cherubini VM Brasseur Olaf Renner Abhijit Kumbhare Timothy Verrall  Morgan Richomme  Tina Tsou tom nadeau  Catherine Lefevre Brian Freeman
Proxies: Christian Olrog
Guests: Jim St. Leger 



Steve Ira presents a draft IT Modernization proposal

  • Slides presented by Steve Ira
  • Feedback based on LFN Staff Survey and Infra Working Group Report
  • Based on the analysis, the LF has been focusing on CI and Workflows 
  • LF wants to replace the manual process for Self Service repo creation, self-signing process, and domain creation
  • CI/CD discussions are difficult because of the rapidly changing availability of services, features and pricing.
  • For readiness, the LF will rely on the projects to tell them if it makes sense for them to migrate to another platform based on their resources, desired features needed for the community and cost savings.
  • There is still a need for a deeper level of investigation around features and effort for migration.  LF Staff invites the Infra WG to come together to collaborate on this effort.
  • If we go to a certain platform, like Microsoft as the LF as a whole.  We could possibly change the conversation. 
  • HK: Drivers and decisions may not make everyone happy.  But the LF is trying to be transparent with the direction that we're thinking based on the feedback we're receiving.  
  • Next Steps to work with the community:
    • Cost Analysis beyond Free tiers
    • Per Platform Feature Breakdown
      • Container Registry, Package Hosting, and formats; external builder capabilities
      • Caching Support; matrix builds across multiple platforms, Cross Project Pipelines
    • Validation of Project Readiness levels
    • Confirmation of overall effort and priority - Project Specific
      • Effort calculation, project management, scheduling & coordination
      • Training and education needs related to new tools and platforms - Community Size.
    • Validating selection criteria and relative priority
      • Features, functions, costs, scalability

TAC Meeting Scheduling

  • LF is looking to try using Calendar to mitigate some of the issues we've been experiencing with meetings not appearing on some community member's calendars. 

Action items

  • Casey Cainto continue the conversation of the Infra WG and seek a TAC member to lead the conversation further.