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  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • OPX Induction
    • Code of Conduct Review

    • LFN Staff support for Infra Recommendation (15 minutes)

      • How will LFN Staff help in infrastructure evolution based on recommendation from TAC Infra WG and TAC discussion on May 22nd
        • Who is the point of contact to help in technical matters?
        • Who is the point of contact to help negotiate rate?
        • What is the protocol or procedure to work with LFN staff to move forward?
    • TAC Objectives Planning (as time permits)

    • Next TAC Meeting (Conflict with the Board)


  • OPX Induction
    • DCO checks failing for Lifecycle submission as well as OPX Induction documentation
    • A motion was made to induct OPX into the LFN.
      • Shall the TAC recommend to the Governing Board that the OPX Project be inducted into the Linux Foundation Networking Umbrella as a Sandbox Project?
      • The vote passed 12 +1, 2 Abstain. 
      • The TAC Agrees to recommend the OPX Product for Induction as a Sandbox Project.
      • Link to Vote Details

  • Code of Conduct
    • Amy Zwarico shared and edited the document
    • Code Of Conduct
    • Looking for someone with HR experience - recommend HR from the LF, or someone with HR experience
    • tom nadeau has been involved with similar issues with Apache - basically goes to the TSC 
    • VM Brasseur believes that it is better to have a dedicated person rather than a group like the TAC
    • Abhijit Kumbhare need to make sure that someone in a position of leadership isn't in the chain
    • TAC feels that this should be a core service provided as a benefit of LF membership - Casey Cain has the action item to pursue
    • Discussion on the ability of PTLs ability to remove a comment or banning someone.
    • Conversation will continue via email
  • Staff Support Questions
    • questions regarding input Casey Cain Jim Baker
    • infrastructure - who will assist
      • Once a TSC has decided to make a change in their Infra, they will need to submit a ticket to
      • This will be supported by the Project Director and Project Release Engineering Team
      • Program Directors and Release teams can provide quotes to TSC for rates.
      • Two step process - fact finding to make a decision and then implementation and migration following the decision
      • Expectation from the TAC is that the LF will assist looking at areas where to recommend consolidation
      • Brian Freeman recommendation that an informal working group be assembled for tracking progression and best practices on migrations
      • requests in either step should start with a support desk ticket to engage IT to either generate the quotes or do the implementation

  • Plan for next meeting due to GB meeting conduct
    • #Agreed- TAC will meet next week to discuss the CoC, with the goal being to present to the GB at the July 17 meeting for ratification.

Action items

  • Casey Cainto follow up with LF HR about recommendations to the TAC for enforcing the Code of Conduct.   
  • Casey Cain to setup a meeting next week to discuss the Code of Conduct and any other business that arises.