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LF Staff:Casey Cain Jim Baker  Andrew Grimberg Kenny Paul Heather Kirksey
TAC Members: Davide Cherubini Jason Hunt Ranny Haiby Marc Fiedler Bin Hu Tina Tsou  Rossella Sblendido Brian Freeman Catherine Lefevre Abhijit Kumbhare Morgan Richomme Rajesh Gadiyar  Ed Warnicke
Guests: Amy Zwarico  Joseph Gasparakis Pawel Pawlak



  • Jason graciously accepts the (acting) TAC Chair position (smile)
  • Project Lifecycle 
    • Ed Warnicke to help with commit of the pull request for project lifecycle updates made over the past couple months
  • Infrastructure ad-hoc topic-
    • web-hosting Ed Warnicke reports that the community has decided to migrate to community management using Github+Hugo+Netlify stack for the website, in alignment with best practice from CNCF. 
      • Recommends the TAC consider recommending that to all projects.
    • Suggestion made to move this to e-mail list with the preference to have a group of people form an analysis and recommendation
  • OPX Induction Discussion
  • CoC
    • Amy Zwarico reviewed the draft
    • Questions were asked about the bullet "Communicating concisely and efficiently" should be wordsmithed. 
    • The draft will be posted to the wiki for the TAC to review and feedback.
    • The TAC would like to vote on passing the CoC as soon as possible.
    • The additions of sections was quite helpful. 
  • TAC Agenda
    • Topics should be posted in advance of the meeting
      • Rushed decisions can occur if topics are introduced at the beginning of the meeting
    • Staff asked to create a meeting minutes page for the following week at the end of a TAC Meeting.
  • Defer TAC Objectives to next meeting
  • If TAC members would like an update quarterly or bi-annually on OVP, please let Heather Kirkseyknow.

Action items

  • Joseph Gasparakis  to update a new pull request and distribute it to the TAC mailing list  
  • Heather Kirksey send email to Amy Zwarico recommendation on language to use  
  • Casey Cain to post the draft of the CoC to the TAC wiki for review.