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Ed Warnicke recommending changing because newer tools are available

Meeting on Friday. 

Bin Hu mentions that OPNFV is also looking at tools

Minute Taking

Discussion regarding the tools to use.

Chaker mentions issues with ease of use and access issues such as being blocked by

How-To guide for IRC:  

Having an assigned secretary ?

Tapio Tallgren past minutes hard to follow - clear need to account for decisions and votes

Ed Warnicke suggests that at the least the LF captures the votes and decisions.

Kenny Paul  Q: any easy way to find content across IRC minutes?  Daniel Farrell doable, but not "easy" using curl + grep

TAC Chair

Ed Warnicke  suggest discussion be tabled

Phil Robb reminds folks that Mazin is still the TAC rep and that Mazin isn't a member of the TAC anymore

There has not been formal decision from the board on the Community Panel.  Strategy Council work is also a work-in-progress and no recommendation has been provided

Tapio Tallgren recommends opening the nominations for TAC rep

Vote taken -

Agreed: the TAC shall open a call for nominations for a temporary TAC rep starting ASAP.

Cut-Paste from IRC

dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #startmeeting tac
7:00 AM C<collabot`> collabot Meeting started Wed Jan 30 15:00:52 2019 UTC. The chair is dfarrell07. Information about MeetBot at
7:00 AM Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
7:00 AM collabot` set the topic:  (Meeting topic: tac)
7:00 AM C<collabot`> collabot The meeting name has been set to 'tac'
7:01 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info tac members please #info in
7:01 AM #info Daniel Farrell for ODL
7:01 AM #chair edwarnicke frankbrockners kennypaul pcarver phrobb vmbrasseur zxiiro tykeal
7:01 AM C<collabot`> collabot Current chairs: dfarrell07 edwarnicke frankbrockners kennypaul pcarver phrobb tykeal vmbrasseur zxiiro
7:01 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #chair CaseyLF
7:01 AM C<collabot`> collabot Current chairs: CaseyLF dfarrell07 edwarnicke frankbrockners kennypaul pcarver phrobb tykeal vmbrasseur zxiiro
7:01 AM  JasonHunt joined (32ea3746@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
7:02 AM J<JasonHunt> - @info Jason Hunt, IBM
7:02 AM C<collabot`> collabot JasonHunt: Error: "info" is not a valid command.
7:02 AM J<JasonHunt> - #info Jason Hunt, IBM
7:02 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #info vmbrasseur is proxy for rbias
7:02 AM #info VMBrasseur, Juniper
7:03 AM M<mbuil> Manuel Buil #info Manuel Buil, SUSE (proxy for Rossella)
7:04 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #info Rajesh Gadiyar Intel
7:05 AM E<edwarnicke> Ed Warnicke #info edwarnicke
7:05 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #info Davide Cherubini, Vodafone
7:05 AM #info Morgan Richomme Orange
7:05 AM  bh526r joined (uid315519@gateway/web/
7:05 AM B<bh526r> Bin Hu #info Bin Hu, OPNFV
7:05 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #info Chaker Al-Hakim, ONAP
7:06 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell thanks vmbrasseur :)
7:06 AM #info vmbrasseur is copying in #infos from Zoom chat for people not on IRC
7:06 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur dfarrell07: Any time. I'm IRC native. :)
7:06 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell vmbrasseur: w00t, glad to have you here :D
7:06 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #info Tapio Tallgren, Nokia
7:06 AM  ttallgren joined (
7:07 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #info Chaker Al-Hakim, ONAP
7:07 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #topic tooling
7:07 AM collabot` set the topic: tooling (Meeting topic: tac)
7:07 AM T<ttallgren> Tapio Tallgren #info Tapio Tallgren, Nokia
7:07 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info ed suggests looking at some other tooling options that might be cheaper and provide better dev experience
7:07 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur dfarrell07: ^5
7:07 AM T<ttallgren> Tapio Tallgren this i samzing punching beg for me i had before it was not good this is amazing it can test your reflects and is really easy to use and step as onyl thing you can to do put some air and your ready to go without any issues the thing that i really like is if i am not using i can put it back and it wont take any space.
7:08 AM this i samzing punching beg for me i had before it was not good this is amazing it can test your reflects and is really easy to use and step as onyl thing you can to do put some air and your ready to go without any issues the thing that i really like is if i am not using i can put it back and it wont take any space.
7:08 AM #undo#undo
7:08 AM E<edwarnicke> Ed Warnicke #link
7:09 AM T<ttallgren> Tapio Tallgren Sorry, copy-pasted from some web page
7:09 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #info Infra kick off meeting tomorrow 8AM Pacific time
7:09 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #info Tina Tsou, ARM
7:09 AM C<CaseyLF> Casey Minor correction.
7:09 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #info Correction: Meeting is on Friday, not tomorrow
7:12 AM  eraolro joined (
7:12 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info bh526r mentions that OPNFV is also looking at tooling changes, will make sure to stay in sync with these discussions
7:12 AM #info ed gives examples of CI tooling like vs Jenkins
7:13 AM #info CaseyLF will send out email with invite to infra meeting on friday
7:13 AM #topic taking better minutes
7:13 AM collabot` set the topic: taking better minutes (Meeting topic: tac)
7:13 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info CaseyLF points out that there are quite a few people who don't take part in IRC backchannel, which makes meeting a bit split
7:14 AM #info using IRC for minute taking is what we do now FYI
7:14 AM C<CristinaPauna> Cristina Pauna #info Cristina Pauna
7:14 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info ed suggests we look at what CNFC is doing and copy that
7:15 AM #info dfarrell07 thinks they are mostly using GDocs, live editing during meetings
7:15 AM #info gdocs isn't great for us because blocked in China :(
7:15 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #link
7:15 AM confluence mins for this meeting
7:15 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info CaseyLF suggest confluence tool kinda like GDocs, edwarnicke has some experience with it and doesn't like
7:15 AM #info we would not have tooling for voting, like we have here with meetbot
7:16 AM #info main problem is just getting people engaging with IRC, as it seems to actually be best tool
7:17 AM  ttallgren quit ( Remote host closed the connection
7:18 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info dfarrell07 and vmbrasseur seem to think that it might not be tooling, might be mostly people-problem
7:18 AM #info dfarrell07 thinks general strategy of experimenting with "new idea A" to see if "silent group B" will move to "new idea A" could work well here, and likely we will find that "silent group B" will remain silent
7:19 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #vmbrasseur asks folks on call but not IRC to share reasons why not
7:19 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info kennypaul asks people on call why they don't use IRC
7:19 AM #undo
7:19 AM C<collabot`> collabot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.ircmeeting.items.Info object at 0x22c1210>
7:19 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info vmbrasseur asks folks on call who are not using IRC why they aren't
7:19 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #info Chaker says for him it's that he's not familiar w/IRC so falls back to what he knows
7:19 AM  ttallgren joined (
7:20 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info first person just want super simple tool with basically no learning curve
7:20 AM #info might be some internal networking restrictions blocking IRC (which is very rough for contributing upstream dfarrell07 thinks)
7:22 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #link
7:22 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info dfarrell07 thinks one #action for TAC might be to work with companies to get their networks sorted out to play well with IRC
7:22 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #link
7:22 AM #info Casey suggesting trial run of Confluence wiki
7:24 AM #info dfarrell07 Suggests companies that can't access IRC via VPN then it will also be a roadblock to contributing to open source. TAC should work w/those companies to remove the roadblock on their side.
7:26 AM  fdegir joined (~55e41a57@
7:26 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #link
7:26 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info vmbrasseur points out that web-based IRC clients shouldn't have issues with VPN restrictions as they run over HTTPS
7:26 AM  davide_Vodafone joined (c23ee866@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
7:27 AM T<ttallgren> Tapio Tallgren The companies could have security rules that prevent access to IRC. I need to use tsocks for irc access
7:27 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell ttallgren: but the webchat should work, no?
7:27 AM Z<zxiiro> Thanh Ha wechat and irccloud are web based so should get by those.
7:28 AM webchat*
7:28 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell +1 zxiiro
7:28 AM T<ttallgren> Tapio Tallgren Webchat works of course
7:29 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info lots of folks seem to be big fans of irccloud
7:30 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur Because it's pretty darn great. :)
7:31 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #action CaseyLF to start sending out direct link to web-based (webchat.freenode) IRC client in each meeting invite
7:31 AM Z<zxiiro> Thanh Ha They recently added the ability to use IRCCloud as a bouncer service too so it's solved my one issue with IRCCloud :)
7:32 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur My friends who've tried the new bouncer functionality says it's solid. They like it.
7:32 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info should we have a secretary?
7:33 AM #info ttallgren points out that for many past meetings we had horrible minutes and we ended up with questions about "what did we decide" with no clear answer
7:34 AM T<ttallgren> Tapio Tallgren :-)
7:37 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info discussion about who would want to be secretary, no one self nominates
7:37 AM #info discussion about if we need minutes, as in write down what we are talking about, vs making sure votes/decisions are doc'd
7:40 AM #info LF staff tracks all votes in a spreadsheet (I think to make sure people's votes count, based on attendance)
7:41 AM #info CaseyLF points out that just having more people engaging on IRC will be a big help in making sure we have all the ideas in discussion captured
7:43 AM #info kennypaul asks about how to search in minutes logs, dfarrell07 says not a great way but he curls/greps
7:43 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #info kennypaul asks whether there's an easy way to search IRC meeting logs. CaseyLF doesn't think so, dfarrell07 says logs are always grep-able
7:44 AM #info CaseyLF points out kennypaul has been cut/pasting IRC logs into Confluence for easy searchability
7:44 AM #action CaseyLF will send out email for further discussion on secretary role
7:45 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #topic tac chair
7:45 AM collabot` set the topic: tac chair (Meeting topic: tac)
7:45 AM Z<zxiiro> Thanh Ha meetings should be searchable on Google too, admittedly requires some google knowledge. For example: odl ddf
7:45 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info edwarnicke suggests we hold this topic until we get feedback from Board regarding our latest recommendations
7:46 AM #info zxiiro adds "meetings should be searchable on Google too, admittedly requires some google knowledge. For example: odl ddf"
7:46 AM zxiiro: you know not to be shy ;)
7:47 AM Z<zxiiro> Thanh Ha :)
7:47 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info phrobb provides summary of discussion about tac chair, our recommendation to board
7:48 AM #info mazin is current TAC rep to Board but isn't even on the TAC anymore :(
7:48 AM #info CaseyLF asks if we should appoint a new temporary TAC rep to Board
7:48 AM #info edwarnicke points out that if Board will feedback to us quickly and resolve this, we can just go that route. if will take a long time, might need temp rep
7:49 AM  ColinSullivan1 joined (43bea1a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
7:50 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #info phrobb and ttallgren talk about some details of Board's process, there is a strategy council work group addressing our proposal, they have not reported to board and board has not decided
7:51 AM #info edwarnicke suggests we hold on this decision (new tmp tac rep?) until we get some answers from board
7:52 AM #info ttallgren suggests we do find a new tmp tac rep, start that process, open nominations
7:55 AM P<phrobb> Phil Robb #startvote Shall the TAC kickoff the TAC Representative to the Board election process to start ASAP? -1, 0, +1
7:55 AM C<collabot`> collabot Begin voting on: Shall the TAC kickoff the TAC Representative to the Board election process to start ASAP? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
7:55 AM Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
7:55 AM T<ttallgren> Tapio Tallgren #vote +1
7:55 AM P<phrobb> Phil Robb #endvote
7:55 AM C<collabot`> collabot Voted on "Shall the TAC kickoff the TAC Representative to the Board election process to start ASAP?" Results are
7:55 AM +1 (1): ttallgren
7:56 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #startvote Shall the TAC open a call for nominations for a temporary TAC rep starting ASAP? -1, 0, +1
7:56 AM C<collabot`> collabot Begin voting on: Shall the TAC open a call for nominations for a temporary TAC rep starting ASAP? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
7:56 AM Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
7:56 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #vote +!
7:56 AM C<collabot`> collabot dfarrell07: +! is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, +1.
7:56 AM V<vmbrasseur> VM Brasseur #vote +1
7:56 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #vote +1
7:56 AM E<eraolro> Christian Olrog #vote +1
7:56 AM J<JasonHunt> - #vote +1
7:56 AM M<mbuil> Manuel Buil #vote +1
7:56 AM B<bh526r> Bin Hu #vote +1
7:57 AM D<davide_Vodafone> - #vote +1
7:57 AM T<ttallgren> Tapio Tallgren #vote +1
7:57 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #vote +1
7:57 AM P<phrobb> Phil Robb #vote +1
7:57 AM C<CaseyLF> Casey  #vote +1 (Chakar Al-Hakim)
7:57 AM E<edwarnicke> Ed Warnicke #vote 0
7:57 AM P<phrobb> Phil Robb #info phrobb voted on behalf of Sebastien of DT
7:58 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell CaseyLF: I'm amazing that worked but *shrugs*
7:58 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #info my vore proxy for Wenjing Chui
7:59 AM Z<zxiiro> Thanh Ha #vote +1 (tnadeau)
7:59 AM C<collabot`> collabot zxiiro: +1 (tnadeau) is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, +1.
7:59 AM Z<zxiiro> Thanh Ha #vote +1
7:59 AM #info proxy for tnadeau
7:59 AM C<CaseyLF> Casey  #vote +1
7:59 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell zxiiro: yeah, that's what I expected, idk why casey's worked
7:59 AM C<CaseyLF> Casey #info Voted for (Chakar Al-Hakim)
7:59 AM Z<zxiiro> Thanh Ha very odd....
7:59 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell #endvote
7:59 AM C<collabot`> collabot Voted on "Shall the TAC open a call for nominations for a temporary TAC rep starting ASAP?" Results are
7:59 AM 0 (1): edwarnicke
7:59 AM +1 (11): kennypaul, bh526r, phrobb, vmbrasseur, JasonHunt, dfarrell07, zxiiro, eraolro, ttallgren, davide_Vodafone, mbuil
8:00 AM Z<zxiiro> Thanh Ha oh it's becuase CaseyLF started with a space before the #vote
8:00 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell zxiiro: that debugging master
8:00 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #info Quorum for meeting is 12.73 membersd
8:01 AM #From tnadeau to Everyone: 07:57 AM
8:01 AM +1
8:01 AM From Dhananjay Pavgi to Everyone: 07:57 AM
8:01 AM +1
8:01 AM #info vote ?+1 from tnadeau
8:01 AM  ttallgren quit ( Quit: leaving
8:01 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #info vote +1 from Dhananjay Pavgi\
8:01 AM D<dfarrell07> Daniel Farrell kennypaul: I'll let you #endmeeting whenever you're ready :)
8:02 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul lo
8:02 AM l
8:02 AM  ColinSullivan1 quit (43bea1a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit: Page closed
8:02 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #endmeeting