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Daniel Havey Microsoft
Arunkanth Abbigari Walmart
Dave Thaler Microsoft
Mehul Gulati Netaji Subhas University of Technology
Santhosh Fernandes Walmart
Jason Niesz Walmart
Karan Dalal Walmart
Jay Sheth Walmart
Charles Liu Walmart
SHANKAR MALIK University of Delhi

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi 



  • LFN Governing Board Meeting May 16 - Thank you & Followup
    • Thank you Santhosh and Karan for covering the project with the Board.
    • Followup and Action Items: 
      • AI: Open SSF what percentage on the scorecard? Most importantly: is it visible on LFX Security?

      • Standardization around eBPF; How is the community addressing standardization? Karan- partnering with eBPF Foundation to share commonalities. Microsoft spans both communities. 
        Board requests/AIs:
        • Seek more resources to work Standardization (inside and outside the community)

        • Reach out to CNCF and other eBPF-linked communities…. D&TFs
      • IETF standardization - Going to vote for WG.
      • How can LFN do more to bring standardization.
        • Participate on mailing list and send people to meetings.
        • eBPF Foundation
          • Standardization still a discussed goal?
            • eBPF foundation is a funding organization (under LF)
            • Doesn't publish standards.
        • IETF does standards and the eBPF foundation does open source.

  • Release Management

  • Optimising Traffic Mirroring (Arunkanth) Link

  • Any Other Business

Action Items

  • Dhivya R Release Management Plan- add milestones for testing, documentation, package. What else is needed from a delivery standpoint?

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