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SHANKAR  University of Delhi
Santhosh Fernandes Walmart
Daniel Havey Microsoft
Netaji Subhas University of Technology
Charles Liu Walmart
 Shubham Kumar University of Delhi 

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi 



  • Weekly TSC Meeting Day and Time Change
    • Proposed new day and time: Tuesdays at 8am PT. Starting May 9.
    • Chat vote
      • Discussed, still working on resolving conflicts.
      • Still working on resolving conflicts.
      • Lj will look for an alternate to cover the 8new slot at 8:00 am. PST 

  • R2 Release Management (Dhivya)

  • Issue discussion/Dev updates
    • L3AF R2
      • 233, 234 and 235 will be completed soon.
      • 236 (Dynamic updates) need solution using BTF an Go formater
      • 177 (RBAC) Progress on packages, docs, etc that will be delivered?
        • Blogs, user docs, rel notes.
        • Template for rel notes that generates bugs, features, ect.
        • Need to work on user manual.
      • eBPF enhancements #38
        • Can merge and close.
        • Add additional issues as needed
    • Opinions on dynamic map updates
      • support hash and array maps currently uint32 for key and value
      • Want to support JSON so that it works similarly to BPF tool.
      • Windows does not support BTF
        • Push into the client. Don't do anything to L3AFd so that we can be cross-platform and support older versions.
        • Could also do this in two layers.
    • L3AFD v2.1
    • L3AF on Windows

  • Signing of eBPF Programs (Karan/Arunkanth)
    • Developing guidance document
      • Reduce attack surface by running in least privileged mode.
        • Unpriv, JIT limit, JIT hardened, BPF disable verifier.
      • This doc might belong in a non-L3AF repo with a link to it.
  • Any Other Business

Action Items

  • Dhivya R Release Management Plan- add milestoners for testing, documentation, package. What else is needed from a delivery standpoint?
  • Daniel Havey coordinate Traffic Monitoring Blog with LFN Marketing

Future Agenda Items

  • Signing of eBPF Programs (Karan)