Bob Monkman (Intel)

LJ Illuzzi (LFN)

Igor DC (Intel)

Timo Perala (Nokia)

cathy zhang(Intel)

Victor Morales (Samsung)

Amar Kapadia (Aarna Networks)

Oleg Berzin (Equinix)

Eric Multanen(Intel)

Ritu Sood(Intel)

Adarsh Chittilappilly(Intel)

Shashikanth VH (Huawei)

21 September Agenda is:



Review Open ARs: 

  • AR: Cathy & Bob will update the  Governance Page to include Committers initial list  
    • Also need a Contributors file in the repo under version control

We need to arrange the LF License Scan to be done sometime before the 22nd of Sept TAC preso 

  • AR- Sharad to work with Louis to investigate how to arrange that. Repo needs to be public
  • AR- Igor was going to do some more research on the issue tracking options and provide insights to help move towards a vote to choose which option we will use

New Agenda Items: 

  • Update on TAC Induction- Review the Final draft of the Induction proposal
    • Seed code. Ready for license scan, need repo to be Public
  • Discussion to call for a vote on JIRA or alternative for issue tracking
  • Update from Intel engineering team on seed code CI/CD preparation
  • EMCO ONE Summit demo

Open Discussion & Next Steps

Future Agenda Items:

Resource needs from LF

Launch Discussions...

EMCO position in 5G Super BluePrint? (Already being used via OpenNESS components, which in fact is in EMCO already) 


Governance page was update to discuss project roles, definition of Committer and Contributor and initial names are being added today

Repo will be made public today. 

Contributing File will be put into the repo today (Igor)

Updated the Presentation for the TAC Induction tomorrow Wed Sept 22 0700 am-0800 PDT- meeting info pasted in the chat

Side note: Need to change OpenNESS in 5G SBP slides to EMCO

Igor continues to explore and gather information of the JIRA  & Gitlab Issues options and has a couple of blockers to overcome- will work with Louis

Igor suggests to start document on a wiki page for review prior to a discussion

Team needs to come up with 2022 asks for LF resources (budget) from IT, based on roadmap and what we might need from resource perspective. 

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