Bob Monkman (Intel)

Timo Perala (Nokia)

Srinivasa Addepalli (Intel)

Igor DC (Intel)

Victor Morales (Samsung)

Sharad Mishra (Intel)

Ravi Chunduru (Verizon)

cathy zhang (intel)

Shashikanth VH (Huawei)

Eric Multanen (Intel)

LJ Illuzzi(LFN)

Review Open ARs: 

TAC Induction- Open Items

  • Issue with Technical Charter  - TSC Composition. Propose language for adding TSC members throughout the initial TSC period. Update Charter language around TSC voting section 2b. Bob to propose draft language
  • Address TSC Growth criteria
  • Address PTL - Suggested at least Core and UI to start with
  • We were asked to articulate positioning- Call for use cases and derive clearer message on Edge positioning
    • Open Horizon, and Baetyl positioning

New Agenda Items: 

Continued from last week- Igor presents the pros and cons of "issue" tool options and give a recommendation. TSC vote on the option to be used in EMCO

A draft website for the main external EMCO landing page is available for review:

Cathy gives a brief overview on Open Horizon project and Baetyl project, clarify EMCO's position with them

Does the developer need to sign the CCLA (Corporate Contributor License Agreement) in order to contribute a patch to EMCO?

Logo review

Open Discussion & Next Steps

Future Agenda Items:


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