Bob Monkman(Intel)

Victor Morales (Samsung)

cathy zhang(Intel)

Sharad Mishra (Intel)

Igor DC (Intel)

Oleg Berzin (Equinix)

Ravi Chunduru (Verizon)

Ritu Sood(Intel)

LJ Illuzzi(LFN)

Eric Multanen(Intel)


1) Opens?

  • Welcome Orange to official representation in the EMCO TSC, with intent to contribute. The primary Orange TSC rep shall be Ilhem Fajjari, with alternate representative named as Grzegorz Panek. 
  • This addition has been reflected in the TSC Representative table on the EMCO wiki. 
  • In addition, Amar Kapadia of Aarna Networks has graciously agreed to nominate himself as EMCO representative to the LFN TAC. Thank you, Amar and everyone please note that we now have single nominations for TSC rep, TAC rep and MAC representatives. Nominations are still open through December 2 if anyone else would like to be considered for any of these positions. Voting will commence December 6 and close by December 14. 

2) Cathy Zhang will give an overview of the 21.12 Core EMCO release content

3) Sandip from Aarna Networks to provide 21.12 release readiness update for the GUI layer

Future Agenda items: 

Arctos Labs - they have an intelligent workload placement controller product that uses declarative inputs. They have an open source version (with limited capabilities) that has been integrated with OSM. Agenda item for 12/07- Solution overview, Q&A, alignment opportunities.

12/07? Orange contribution ideas? TBD, may be pushed to 12/14 or later. Orange to advise. 

12/14- Schedule EMCO Dev & Testing Forum sessions in Teamup

12/14 Initial 22.03 release content discussion


Bob welcomed new Orange reps to the TSC meeting and representation.

Bob thanked Amar Kapadia for self-nominating to be EMCO TAC representative to LFN TAC, and for the multiple recent LFN Dev/testing forum session proposals. 

Reminder that leadership position nominations close EOD Dec 2 and vote email will be sent on Dec 6, closing the vote on Dec 14. 

Cathy gave a thorough overview of EMCO core 21.12 release features

  • AR: Cathy to create multiple release child pages for 21.12 and 22.03 and move the Azure Arc support to the latter page, since that will not make the release. 
  • Code freeze in Dec 20 and release will be late in the last week of December
  • Bob asked about whether this leaves enough time for QA and Ritu and Aarna reps confirmed that with the limit scope, ongoing CI/CD testing, this should be sufficient. 

Sandip from Aarna went over the GUI layer release which is comprised largely of integration with EMCO 22.12 Core and 1 feature addition. 

We discussed that we will have a first discussion of 22.03 release planning, very high level, on the Dec 14 EMCO TSC meeting and Bob encouraged community to think about their wish list and ways they can be involved in CI/CD and validation testing as we want to see developer participation grow and flourish in 2022. 

We went over the LFN Dev/Test Forum session proposals for January. a robust set of 8 EMCO sessions under the EMCO banner and 1 on EMCO under the 5G SuperBluePrint banner are now in place. 

Many thanks to all content contributors . Louis reminded session authors that they can edit the preferred dates of their session (choose 11,12 or 13 if you have a preference) and note a preferred time slot if you wish. Otherwise it will be set for you.

Future agenda items noted and meeting closed at 9:53 PST. 

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