The 1st step is to complete a Creative Brief. Here is the template that we need to fill in:

Its self-explanatory.

The initial team working on the Logo is comprised of:

Bob Monkman

Srinivasa Addepalli

LJ Illuzzi

Logo Concepts v1:

<Add additional names>

Bob will schedule working meetings to develop the brief and then review options provided by LFN Creative Service

A previous logo:

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  1. Looking at these as early v1 concepts.

    Here are my first comments (won't nitpick on any details since these are just concepts):

    1. I like that it captures the unifying nature of EMCO. As in, the orchestration of multiple clusters under EMCO. Good expression of the mission statement.
    2. I find it visually overstimulating due to the high element count. Otherwise looks pretty techy. It reminds me of the multiple shapes and forms, and locations, of edge clusters out there on the planet.
    3. I find it pleasant to look at, both color-wise and shape-wise. Unlike 2. its simplicity is not overstimulating at all. It doesn't capture unification in such a straightforward way as 1. but it does capture some of the unification through the intersection of the elements. Just like 2. it also captures the different shapes and forms of clusters.

    If I was to vote I'd vote for 3 and would look forward to seeing refined versions of it (especially the font).

  2. Thank you for the logo concept submissions, they have been forwarded to our Creative Services team. Next Step is to review the updated logo concepts from the CS team when ready.