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We discussed the November 17-18 DTF in Seattle, co-located with the ONE Summit Nov 15-16. Given that it is two days, the # of sessions EMCO can plan for is reduced, and in addition, the DTF planning Committee has decided that Day 1 should be focused on interactive cross project issues and collaboration opportunities. EMCO has presented ideas for cross community collaboration with ONAP and within the 5G SBP before, but the resources have not been available to pursue active integration proposals or execution with ONAP. There are 5G SBP use case opportunities such as the Kaloom/IBM POC that we can pursue and are apparently working towards. 

COmmunity members should begin to plan for and enter EMCO topics including any Day 1 topics  and submit them in the Topic page templates linked about in the Agenda. 

Future Agenda items: 

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