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  • LF Antitrust Policy
  • Welcome new members
  • Opens?
  • TSC Chair Election
  • ONE Summit and DTF in November
  • Kubecon/Edge Day October (Detroit). potential for an EMCO demo. Submissions- 5G Network Slicing, Multi-cluster solutions in K8 ecosystems


  • TSC Chair Election - the voting period is open (07/25 to 08/02) via OpaVote
    • 6 have opened the voting email. 4 have voted already. Need at least 7 for majority of TSC. 
  • Upcoming Events:
    • ONE Summit Nov 15-16 Seattle Washington
      • CFP Closes July 29. Link to Submit CFP
      • Suggested Topics
      • The EMCO Technical WG meeting on Friday July 22 discussed further and the team came up with at least 3 new ideas. 
        • 5G Slicing Use Case with possible tie -in to 5G SBP is being worked up for submission by Intel and partners
        • An Intel security related EMCO submission is also underway
        • Srinivasa Addepalli is working up  from Aryaka Networks with a SASE use case around EMCO
        • Brandon also mentioned Aarna is also working up a proposal for something related to EMCO integration with OPA policy engine 
          • Submissions or KubeCon Edge Day on EMCO Overview was sent July 25 as well. 
    • 2022 LFN Developer & Testing Forum November 17-18th, Seattle Washington

  • 5G Network Slicing demo- Is there a 5G SBP tie-in?
    • Is a slicing use case being demonstrated? (IoT slices, gaming, 5G surgery, autonomous vehicle, gaming, latency)
    • Can we get a preview of the demo? Some preview may be available at a later stage

It was suggested that a Wiki page be set up to document submissions and Bob Monkman will create the page and ask for others to help fill it in. 

Future Agenda items: 

Update on Intern work

Contributor Diversity

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