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Anshul SharmaCalsoft


  • LF Antitrust Policy
  • Welcome new members
  • Opens?
  • LFN DTF Porto Debrief
  • 22.06 Release Status Update
  • 5G SBP Requirements and Use Case WG work needed
  • Brandon & Bob to spearhead an EMCO Marketing WG and expand the outreach and evangelism- of the project.  


22.06 Release is going pretty well. 

  • CA Cert is on track
  • Anthos Plug-in on track
  • Temporal LFC hooks controller is on track
  • App Config Controller may not make the release
  • IPV6 EMCO support seems likely to make it and NODUS support is being worked on as well.  

 Starting this week, several team members will start a Weekly Architecture and Design WG meeting on Fridays. All are welcome. 

Future Agenda items: 

22.09 Release Plan overview

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