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LFN Staff: LJ Illuzzi


  • LF Antitrust Policy
  • Welcome new members
  • Opens?
  • Overview of LFN DTF Schedule for next week
  • DTF Project Objectives/Intro (Optional) 
  • 5G SBP Use Case & Requirements  Action Item



Bob went over the LFN DTF Schedule and took an AI to further clean up and bolster the scheduled event descriptions. Also ensure there are no overlaps. 

Bob shared the template for an optional session where EMCO project can highlight its architecture, overview, recent accomplishments and, for the event, a slide on what we hope to accomplish in the DTF summit

  • Bob take an AI to take a first pass at filling out the EMCO Introduction Template, then send to Louis to import to a Google doc that can be shared and edited for final version. 

Bob went over the initial changes to the 5G SBP Use Case for PCEI that Oleg Berzin and others have been a lead on. The changes were just to the Problem Statement/How does this BP solve the Problem(s) section as a rsult of the Requirements and Use Case WG discussion on Monday where it was pointed out that submissions should be Requirements First, Implementation options Second. 

Please see the modifications in italics here: 5G SBP Use Case - Public Cloud Edge Interfacey

/Update on Equinix and Orange User Stories writeups (from Jill):  the Equinix user story is in progress; I should have the first draft later this week. I’m still closing on a writer for the Orange story (edited) 

Future Agenda items: 

Brandon & Bob to spearhead an EMCO Marketing WG and expand the outreach and evangelism- of the project. 

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