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LFN Staff: LJ Illuzzi



Briefly went over the proposed mentorship submission Overhaul EMCO's data integrity by Igor DC. We need to finalize asap and so we ask TSC members to please review and comment, suggest any changes in the Comments section so that we can finalize by next week's TSC latest.

Grzegorz Panek of Orange Innovation team went over a PoC that is being working in the Ecosystem repo for Edge Relocation support in EMCO. Greg will post an approved version of the slides for later viewing. The essential use case described was when MEC applications run on a certain MEC Host, and clients on UEs migrate between cell sites such that the current MEC Host is no longer ideal for latency restrictions. RAN and 5GC software layers handle the UE handoff but need external orchestration software to monitor and migrate MEC apps that should be relocated to another MEC Host when the current host is no longer best suited. 

Factors such as geo location and capabilities  (Hardware Platform Awareness) are factors in selecting a new host but there are several steps to the Edge app relocation that EMCO can provide support for. 

Ravi Chunduru from Verizon noted that they were also looking at this problem and asked whether any industry standards were influencing the prototype work Orange was incubating. Ravi pointed to the following API definition public link for a proposed Edge Discovery Service API set and a great deal of discussion ensured about different options for collaboration in a reference implementation. We had to cut the discussion and Q&A short to get to other agenda items but it was agreed that we should coordinate on this topic further. 

Next topic was the current EMCO architecture diagram, which Aarna team had noted was using an old preliminary logo for the EMCO project and a simple update was proposed in the link below. 

Updated EMCO Architecture Diagram (Aarna Networks):

Srinivasa Addepalli also suggested that we take the opportunity to add some other functional blocks to the diagram for the Anthos & Arc support, Temporal Workflows. Asked Ritu Sood to take a first stab at it. 

It was also suggested that after the developers had proposed an update, the graphic be sent to LF Creative Services for any suggestions on how to visually improve the overall image with the logo placed. 

Bob Monkman will follow up with LFN staff once a draft update is available. 

We also briefly looked at the Aarna 22.03 EMCO release blog (AMCOP also included? ) in the link here . The Intel team will review over the next day or so and come back with any suggestions for refinement and then ask the EMCO participants to help cross promote the blog once published, in their social media channels. 

LFN Board- EMCO status is needed for the March 18 meeting. Draft highlight proposed are:

EMCO (Sandbox)

  • EMCO 22.03 Released March 2022
  • EMCO 22.06 tracking to a June release
  • Preparation has started within the community to detail project and community merits to move EMCO from “Sandbox” to “Incubation” lifecycle stage.
  • A mention that two community members are engaged on LFN Proof Point publishing with LFN and others are considering. The LFN Board and MAC has been soliciting members to derive Proof Point promotional pieces to increase awareness and and drive more participation in LFN projects. The news of this WIP PPs will be welcomed in the GB. 
  • Perhaps some feature highlights of the releases would be appropriate to mention, as well as the creation of the Ecosystem repo
  • 5G SuperBlueprint role discussions in planning with use cases being proposed. 

What else should be added? (high level)

Bob Monkman will draft a slide update for review over email and at the March 17 EMCO TSC. 

Future Agenda items

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