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Pranab presented an overview of LFX Security policies and tools.

The version 2 should be in production next week. It is recommended that EMCO wait for that version but be planning to learn and run the security scans as soon as possible after then. 

The tool will identify various security vulnerabilities and if there is a mitigation available, make that recommendation. 

AR: Pranab Bajpai  to send links to Louis to forward to the EMCO TSC mail list on training modules available. 

The team was encouraged to submit topics for the June DTF. Two have been proposed thus far. The DTF is hybrid but likely biased towards the EU time zone for schedule. 

The team was encouraged to submit additional use cases to the 5G Super Blueprint USE Committee formation page linked in the Agenda. We wish to establish clear use cases for EMCO role in the orchestration of CNFs/Applications as well as ONAP. 

We reviewed the official vote count on the Proposed Amendment #1 on governance of ecosystem repo. Officially we only had recorded 6 votes and needed one more for a majority 7/12 TSC voters. Timo from Nokia added his vote to pass the Amendment, which now will be marked as Approved by Louis. 

We began to discuss making a pitch to the TAC to graduate EMCO from Sandbox to Incubation status in LFN. We ran out of time but we will continue the discussion, mapping out a punch list of criteria to self assess readiness. 

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