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Nadathur SundarIntel
Timo PeralaNokia

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Short meeting due to light agenda. We reviewed the unanimous vote for the new EMCO logo and the official logo files zip file has been archived on the wiki. We received an overview of the current Aarna team CI/CD process that they have been working on, by Pavan S, and testing they have been doing with a vFW test application on Pod20 in the Intel Community Engagement (ICE) Lab. 

The build pipeline builds both the Core(Base) and UI repo of EMCO and deploys Docker Images to Docker Hub 

Deploys to simulted k8s cluster in VMs for testing, beginning with a unit test for EMCO UI.

They then execute s script to run a Virtual Firewall system test

Nightly job runs this sequence and the whole cycle takes approx 1 hour and 35 minutes. 

Eventually we can add other build and test sequences to this baseline. Currently a manual invocation however. 

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