David McBride , Casey Cain , Dan Timoney


  • Dependencies questionnaire
    • Dan has looked at it.  Still needs to complete.
    • First question is the the repo name.
      • ccsdk/odl-legacy (or similar) - suggested by Kenny
    • Dan intends to complete the questionnaire by our next sync meeting
      • We will plan to review and finalize the questionnaire at the next meeting
        • provide copy to Scott Nicholas when completed (for reference, no review required)
      • We will also discuss a date for review with the TSC
  • London release schedule and ODL integration
    • David will have a draft schedule available for review at our next sync meeting

Action items

  •  Dan Timoneyto complete the dependencies questionnaire by our next sync meeting on  
  • David McBride prepare draft schedule for the London release for review at the next sync meeting on