Casey Cain Dan Timoney David McBride Robert Varga Stefan Kobza


  • Followup on Chlorine release for ONAP Kohn release.
    • Followup on RFC 8040 RESTCONF changes
    • Not a simple change
    • May decide to use Sulfur and begin work on a new architectural element to map Biermann-draft API to RFC 8040
      • Dan Timoney proposed adding an nginx in front of the SDNC
      • New mapping element would be used in the ONAP London release to handle interfaces not yet ported to RFC 8040
      • ONAP London would use ODL Chlorine or ODL Argon, introduce a new RESTCONF controller, and an nginx route adaptor.
    • ONAP Kohn is suggested to use the ODL Sulfur release.
    • Robert Vargasuggested that the ONAP community could take on some of the NETCONF development so they don't need to build their adaptor from scratch. 

Action items