Open Source virtual event @Infosys -  OSPO CodeCon 2023, July 2023

  •     L3AF Introduction, eBPF technology and Demo
           Presenter : Ajay Raut 
     Session Presentation:  

          Recording : 

                  Infosys OSPO Codecon - Session on L3AF (1).mp4

LFN Developer & Testing Forum, June 2023:

L3AF Integration with 5G-UPF (User Plane Function)

L3AF introduces a comprehensive UPF architecture with support for hooks through AF_XDP. This allows developers to integrate custom multiple eBPF programs to enhance packet processing capabilities, offering greater control and flexibility in handling network traffic.

The L3AF approach brings several advantages; it enables developers to create multiple eBPF programs to enhance UPF functionality, resulting in efficient packet processing and improved network performance. Additionally, L3AF provides horizontal and vertical scaling options, allowing the deployment of multiple UPFs with multiple eBPF programs.

A Proof of Concept, lead by NgKore, demonstrates the Integration of L3AF with 5G-UPF (User Plane Function)

Links to Collateral:

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October 2021 Press Release:

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eBPF Summit Video (August 2021):

Logo filesL3AF Logo Zip

L3AF Power Point TemplateL3AF_PPT.pptx

LFN Developer & Testing Forum, January 2022:

Technical Charter UpdatedTechnical Charter - Updated

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