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Internship Projects/Mentors


ONAP Wiki to ReadTheDocs Automation (Fall 2021)






ONAP, the Open Network Automation Platform has transformed the telecommunications industry forever and is a key component of the 5G story. Don't worry though, this Mentorship does not require any knowledge of networking or telecommunications. It is instead about writing tools and programmatically automating the the conversion of content from one format to another.

ONAP documentation takes on 2 forms, the ONAP wiki (Confluence) and the formal documentation set (ReadTheDocs) which is in reStructuredText format.  Just about all of the of the docs start out as developer notes in the ONAP wiki.  The wiki content is highly uncontrolled.   The formal doc set on the other hand is curated content that is highly structured.  Every time there is a new release of ONAP there is content in the wiki that needs to be migrated into the formal documentation set, but it is a time consuming and mostly manual process. Because of that fact there is a lot of content that does not make its way into ReadTheDocs, which ultimately creates problems for  mobile carriers that are deploying ONAP in their networks.  The ability for a "one button" conversion from one documentation format to another is necessary to address this issue.

In this mentorship you will be working with the ONAP Technical Community Architect (TCA) and the Project Technical Leader (PTL) for ONAP's Documentation project to create the tooling and automation needed to help ensure that when we cut a new ONAP release the documentation on the wiki can easily be migrated to ReadTheDocs. 

Additional Information

ONAP Wiki:

ONAP ReadTheDocs:

Learning Objectives

Expected Outcome

Process automation for migrating/translating documentation from the ONAP Confluence to ONAP ReadTheDocs is in place and usable by the development community.

May involve forking code from an existing repo to be customized specifically for ONAP utilization. 

Relation to LF Networking 


Education Level

 Students are required to be enrolled in an undergraduate program to be eligible. 


Java, Groovy, RST. Knowledge of Confluence, Jira and Jenkins a plus. 

Future plans

Once delivered it is expected that it will be relatively static

Preferred Hours and Length of Internship

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info