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To facilitate initiatives like the 5G super Blueprint we would like to have all of the jira instances for LFN to be federated so that bugs can be opened and easily cross tagged and pushed into the upstream Projects. Without this a bug would need to be opened in the 5G SBP jira and a seperate and non-related jira opened in the projects Jira.  TSC approval is needed for the tool change.

Through the use of JIRA & Confluence application links LFN projects wikis and issue trackers can be federated to enhance collaborations between the projects, provide better insight into issues, coordinate changes between projects, promote & enable automated upstreaming among projects, and a host of other benefits.


Unified Activity Stream

Activity streams not only show updates from the instance you are on but also from connected Jira or other Atlassian product instances (e.g. Confluence or Fisheye). For example, two companies working together on a project and linking up their Jira instances could be updated with new status changes of work at their partner's Jira through a unified activity stream.
Activity stream including and ODL JIRA issues
                                                                                                  Ex: Unified activity of and ODL JIRAs

Unified Reporting Dashboard

Gadgets that draw their data from another linked and trusted Jira instance can be added to a Jira dashboard. This enables a unified reporting overview of all relevant instances. Next to the standard gadgets, you can also add additional gadgets. The applications are endless – from just one gadget that reports on a specific metrics of another project in another instance, to having one central instance in your federation that runs reporting of all projects in all Jira systems! 

Remote links facilitates projects in tracking dependencies and other relations of issues to not just local projects, but to other LFN projects as well. 

Application Navigator

The Application Navigator header allows for fast switching between LFN JIRA and Confluence instances, without needing to remember individual project URLs.

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