Topic Leader(s)

Other attendees: Jim St. Leger Parth Yadav Scott Steinbrueck Saad Ullah Sheikh Jim Baker

Topic Overview

Implement CollectD for Airship/OPNFV to Support Assurance Requirements

Slides & Recording


  • Reviewed status of collectd and Prometheus capabilities studies (RELREQ-18)
  • Discussed possibility of reviving collectd effort in OS Helm that was abandoned about 3 years ago for lack of a compelling use case
  • Emma / James to review code and scope the effort to get it running
  • Al to put item on CNTT TSC agenda for next week to approach OS Helm about enabling collectd

Zoom Chat

00:01:45 Jim Baker (LFN): Notes page:
00:09:09 David McBride (LFN): AI:  Emma to attach past study tabulating collectd metrics to RELREQ-18
00:09:26 David McBride (LFN): James says no progress yet on Prometheus study.
00:09:59 James Gu:
00:11:30 James Gu:
00:29:19 David McBride (LFN): Emma suggests working with James to evaluate scope of effort to complete/update prior effort to enable collectd.
00:29:52 James Gu:
00:32:01 David McBride (LFN): James says that it would be helpful to raise this issue at the Openstack Helm weekly meeting.
00:34:43 David McBride (LFN): Al to put topic on CNTT TSC agenda

Action Items

  • Emma Foleyand James Gu to review code from past effort to enable collectd in Airship and determine scope to get it running
  • Al Morton to request collectd/Airship on agenda for CNTT TSC next week