• Review action items for operations/TSC
  • Discuss all AIs with MeldOps  tag

Discussion items

  • Proposed converged workflow OR keep separate workflows?
    • CNTT been using github; OPNFV using gerrit
    • gitlab/gitlab CI is the LF strategic direction
      • Timeframe? POC running in 2020 - decision on wide scale adoption in 2021
        • OPNFV projects StorPerf and Kuberef in proof of concept
    • gitlab has more tools - issue trackers, wiki... - is it gitlab for CI/repos OR more of the tool chain?
      • Jira and Confluence strongly integrated == more value
      • defer supporting tools and just focus on CI/repo management
    • Would it help RI work if the tool chain were the same?
      • RTD workflow the same
      • CI integration is the challenging area 
        • OPNFV has sep group managing the CI process
        • gitlab enables each project to manage their own CI tools
      • Merge mindset and issue tracking unification would be helped by common tools
      • How are dependencies tracked from specs to RI code changes?
        • not tracked today
    • Proposal: Continue using current tools and defer any migration to gitlab
      • Elbrus release stay on github - then converge on a common tool chain
      • Is there a short term convergence step?
        • Yes, but that would be a multi-step move (more pain)
      • Directional agreement on converged toolchain - question is on priority
  • Define PROPOSAL for the day-in-the-life of the future TSC and discuss the needed operational support (inputs/outputs)
    • Develop a straw-proposal for the TSC workflow and refine as we go
    • OPNFV TSC workflow is largely defined by the charter
    • Communicate back to Org/Gov our dependencies on the operational procedures
      • Who of TSC, how long are secondary decisions
      • OPNFV has the charter and operational procedures, where is the CNTT similar docs?
    • Schedule a separate meeting and propose the TSC operations 

  • sunku ranganath Presented some materials on organizing around areas of interest
    • Operationally - have small working groups that bring together the architects and developer to identify gaps and create plans to address the issues
    • Good taxonomy developed as a work in progress: MeldOperations-Domains.pptx

Action items


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  1. See for updated input collected from OPNFV's literature.