"I have been and always shall be your friend."

No matter our differences in temperaments and skills, let's build the structure and governance we need to live long and prosper.


This task force will focus on the higher level strategic aspects of setting up the new organization for success. 

Scope: Organizational and TSC structure, technical charter, legal team engagement, and operating procedures

New – Updated Anuket Technical Charter for Review

Redline Against Previous OPNFV Charter

Clean Charter Version

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Standing Meeting

Thursday 14:00 UTC  https://zoom.us/j/92394523259?pwd=WWxpbC9pNkViSWc1MEVUMENBZzZLUT09


Task List

  • Determine TSC structure - codified in the Technical Charter  
    • Combined TSC or separate 
    • Possible reserved TSC seats per "voice"
    • Possible "interim TSC" for first year (reserved seats?)  
    • Initial Roles and responsibilities of the TSC  
    • Determine steady-state voting criteria (eligibility requirements) – accommodate creators of both types of work products  
    • Determine the interim election calendar  
    • Elected positions within the TSC – Chair, SPC rep, any others? Any other elected committees? Elections complete  
    • Finalize operational guidelines document - define what requires a TSC vote  
    • Determine required votes to execute the merge and any dependencies in order to execute merger - OPNFV TSC  (REQUIRES 2/3 majority)
    • Sponsor a vote of confidence for Anuket Technical Charter from CNTT gov Scot Steele  
    • Run the votes based on existing voting requirements and governance; once new TSC is constituted, new votes can be done by them.
  • Organization structure
    • What are the projects and workstreams and how to organize? (TSC)
  • Any GSMA relationship changes (also covered in Legal )?


OPNFV Technical Charter

OPNFV TSC Procedures

OPNFV Election procedures

CNTT Terms of Reference