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After a long summer of dealing with many meetings and discussions regarding the Future Mode of operations, COVID-19, the loss of some of our team, and a couple of natural/man made disasters, we have gotten the blessing of the LFN GB to move forward with the Merger/Re-Imagine option. Today (21 Aug) we held the last FMO meeting/first Meld meeting where we discussed the outcome of the board meeting, discussed the Oversight Committee, the sub teams, the Team-trust building forums, and meeting schedules/team participation.

I would encourage you to review the Meeting minutes page and the recording of the session

A couple of Key points form the meeting today:

The Oversight Committee (OC) will serve as the group that will support, assist, and provide guidance to the sub teams. When the sub teams experience issues with getting resources, access to information, or are struggling with decision making, the OC will work to help solve the issues.

The three sub teams are as follows:

  • Organization/Governance
  • Technical/Debt/TSC
  • Marketing

We briefly reviewed the team/trust building exercises that will be run to help move the teams into the best possible productivity. The sessions will be optional, yes strongly recommended.

There are several tasks identified to be worked until the next meeting. Our next OC meeting will be scheduled shortly so that we can track the progress and move our project forward.

A number of concerns were expressed, and the OC will look at those concerns to determine corrective actions as needed.

As was mentioned on the call, we do have much work to do. This project has a significant impact on both CNTT and OPNFV, and much is at stake. While there are many areas of this project that will likely have differences of opinion and be contentious, out best hope for success is to approach every conversation with an open mind, and a spirit of collaboration. I look forward to seeing this project through to a successful conclusion.

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  1. I will be a win-win meld. Looking forward to seeing a new CNTT/OPNFV project in 2021.

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