Date: Aug 21, 2020 06:56 Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Recording:




  • Review of LFN GB meeting/Approvals
  • Discuss path forward, including meeting schedule, sub team selections

Discussion items

10 MinReview of LFN GB presentation and acceptance
  • GB accepted Merger/Re-imagine option and agreed to support Re-branding
    • Cedric Ollivier mentioned that the 2 questions merged in one to the LFN Board should have been asked separately (only the merge option was part of the community consensus)
    • William Diego Maza expressed concern over re-branding question.
    • Cedric Ollivier we discussed an LFN edit in between community discussions/reviews and the LFN Board meeting
 30 Min

Discuss the Oversight Committee & Sub Teams

Solicit Volunteers for Sub teams

  • Oversight Committee: Will be the support for the sub teams, assisting with issues and providing resources and guidance to the sub teams. The role is to help keep the discussions on track and reach outcomes in a timely fashion.
  • Oversight Committee: Heather Kirksey Jim Baker Jonne Soininen Beth Cohen user-20f1f Bob Monkman Al Morton Qiao Fu Scot Steele
  • Sub Teams (WSLs & PTLs)
    • Organization/Governance - Definition of org structure, Interactions with OVP, cvc, TSC composition, Voting eligibility, Etc.
    • Technical/Debt/TSC - Operational aspects
    • Marketing - Adoption, re-branding and marketing
10 MinOverview of Trust and Team building program
  • Topics
    • Acceptance
    • Expression
    • Trust
10 MinDiscuss schedule and Participation
  • Sub teams will set their own meeting schedule and method of interaction
  • Oversight Committee Meeting day and time?

Action items

  • Meeting Minutes for today Scot Steele
  •  Need to re-org the list Heather Kirksey Dates Jim Baker
  • Need to define Scope/Deliverables for each sub team - Oversight Committee
  • Overall MAC and CNTT Mkts to solicit Volunteers Brandon Wick will take to the MAC on 2 Sept
  • Bob Monkman to discuss on MMA meeting 25 Aug
  • Collect and consolidate the Documents in common location, and setup collaboration zones, is the CNTT Gov Chpt 6 (which is not used right now) - Oversight Committee
  • Invite Mike Dolan to Next Meld meeting Heather Kirksey Jim Baker
  • Al Morton Will solicit volunteers for OPNFV for TSC
  • Scott Steinbrueck  to solicit volunteers CNTT for TSC
  • Volunteers for Org/Gov should be from TSCs/Gov. Look for Volunteers - Scot Steele
  • Review existing volunteer emails to determine where they can participate. Heather Kirksey Scot Steele 
  • Scot Steele to complete the Trust-team building Forum materials and schedule sessions week of 31 Aug