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Topics (w/Notes)

  • Anti-Trust Policies:
  • Walk-on Items
  • Virtual Conference Feedback (open discussion) 10 min
    • Many new participants
    • Overall feedback - the VC was good, although some would have preferred more technical dialog over the Marketing/Status update sessions.
    • If possible for ONES, we should consider 3 tracks
      • Markeitng/Governance
      • Architecture (Furward looking)
      • Technical (current state problems/discussion)
    • More cross collaboration would be helpful
    • Jim Baker Scot Steele  to work with VTEC to address these requests/concerns
  • Governance Meetings - Do we need both the Governance Master AND the governance work-stream meetings? Brian Bearden (AT&T) 5 min
    • Agreement to cancel Tuesday call
  • CNTT - Future mode Status Scot Steele (AT&T ) - 5 min
    • Current mode should be wrapped up/de-emphasized
    • Future home of CNTT will become the primary focus

      • Tuesday/Friday calls to continue
      • Objective is to reach consensus on proposal by mid august, transition plan by mid September

      • Consensuses will be reached by majority vote (voting members will be identified)
  • Field Trail updates Scot Steele (AT&T  - 5 min
    • Orange will be providing data as soon as the space if setup to hold
    • Mirantis should have environment setup by end of week
    • AT&T should have data next week

    • Scot meeting with Verizion next week to ensure they are moving forward.

  • LFN / GSMA: Jim Baker (LFN)/Tom Van Pelt (GSMA)5 min
    • LFN
      • Heather OOO until 7/13
      • Launching new projects - CNTT will be invited to particicpate
        • XGVela
        • ODIM
    • GSMA
      • RM formally accepted by GSMA
      • Organization is determining best method of managing RM
  • Technology Topics Rabi Abdel (Vodafone), Walter Kozlowski (Telstra) 10 min
  • CIRV – OPNFV:  Fu Qiao (CM) 5 min
    • Recent confusion of CIRV Strategy or technical
    • VC sessions:
      • Sridhar Rao provided overview of tools
      • Useful discussions regarding HW abstractions
      • Open CIRV call for all CNTT/OPNFV to participate
      • Lack of Developers
  • Governance Officers Items: 10 min
    • Governance Steering Brian Bearden (AT&T)
    • Marketing/Recruitment: Nick Chase (Mirantis), Toshi Wakayama (KDDI), Bob Monkman (Intel)
      • Nick Chase has returned
      • 3 Talking points from last MMA meeting:
        • Webinars - 2 recommended/requested (Beth Cohen Ahmed El Sawaf Ildiko Vancsa on Edge, Walter Kozlowski on Real World RM application)
          • Must consider other LFN projects getting equal time
        • Release Highlights for Baraque
          • Rabi Abdel provided feature maps with industry useful additions
        • Metrics
          • Need to measure adopt-ability (how do we do that?)
          • Also need to drive adoption and participation to attract more developers.
            • Cedric Ollivier 2 CNTT MMA members asked OPNFV to change its charters and its procedures in Prague to attack more developers. OPNFV did the updates (see the last LFN Board meeting) with lots of side effects.
            • Cedric Ollivier Have we defined any CNTT KPI regarding the development trend which would highlight these changes were successful or at least needed? The main OPNFV contributing company was find with the previous model as said in Prague and the changes must be verfiied.
          • Cedric Ollivier:
            • conforming to ONAP, we could easily highlight via a survey which Operators are already leveraging CNTT specs and CNTT conformance suites (RC1) in their RFPs.
            • a dedicated webinar could highlight the survey results
          • Bob Monkman - Please attend the MMA meetings and provide support.
    • Adoption: Rabi Abdel (Vodafone), Beth Cohen (Verizon), Brian Bearden (AT&T)
    • Business Metrics:  Jonne Soininen (Nokia), Joanna Newman (VF)
    • Cross-Community Coordinator: Phil Robb (Ericsson), Jim Baker (LFN)


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