LF Staff: Kenny PaulCasey Cain

Attendees: Abhijit Kumbhare Dan Timoney , @Rich T,  Daniel De La Rosa , Jamo Luhrsen ,  @JN Naphade,  Michela Bevilacqua , Luis Gomez


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)


  • No dates for Guilin yet, expecting end of August for M1 (Planning Review) 
  • Netconf issue:
  • ONAP currently operates on t releases a year spriung and fall
  • Dan Timoney notes that they are tring to decouple from a specific ODL release
  • Next scheduled meeting on  

Action items

  • Kenny Paul set up a new mailing list for meeting attendees