Meeting Logistics: 

Attendee List:

  1. Fu Qiao (Qiao Fu)
  2. Cedric Ollivier (Orange)
  3. Sridhar Rao
  4. Al Morton (AT&T)
  5. Vipin Rathi
  6. Trevor Cooper (Intel)
  7. Jiaqiang Zhang (ChinaMobile)
  8. Parth Yadav
  9. Jim Baker (LFN)
  10. @Abdullah Alharkan
  11. Anusha Nalluri
  12. @Chandru (HCL) 
  13. Lincoln Lavoie
  14. Saad Ullah Sheikh
  15. cheng tong
  16. @sangeeth-kr 
  17.  Liang Chen
  18. Prabhu Balan (Vodafone)

Meeting Agenda

  1. New contributor introduction –  Prabhu Balan (Vodafone) 
    1. not presented on the call
  2. CIRV project 
    1. PTL nomination and election
    2. Committer updates: 
      1. the team decided to update the committer list before the PTL election
      2. (Action Point) fuqiao will take the action to check the status for all the committers and the formal process to update the list
    3. updates and discussion on HDV and SDV – Sridhar & Chen Liang
      1. SDV is updated in CIRV repo
      2. HDV is updated in CIRV repo
      3. (Action Point) Cedric can help create a python packet to fix
    4. Suggestions for next steps for HDV and SDV
      1. figuring out suitable testing POD to verify the code
        1. SDV deployed in POD10 and POD15
        2. HDV, need to check with the intel team if redfish support in the POD, need to check intel RMM module is support in the servers in the PODs–(Action Point) Trevor will help to find out
        3. if the above is confirmed, we can conduct HDV in the PODs. --Sridhar and Chen Liang
      2. would anyone in the team interested to also try these out in their own labs, especially to HDV, it will be very helpful to improve the IOT capability the more hardware devices we try it out with 
      3. improve scalability – Chen Liang
      4. proposing the best practice for the discription file, what discription file HDV and SDV is using, can these files fit into the requirement we have, try to bring the discussion back to OPNFV as well.
  3. RI WS
    1. RI open issues :
      1. several issues for different testing projects to port into Xtesting. 
      2. bring to the OPNFV TSC the progress of CNTT RC, dovetail web portal, Xtesting – (Action Point) Lincoln and Cedric

The following agendas are not discussed during the call. Suggest to provide comments on the following things and continue discussion next week.

  1. RI gaps, what should be done to support upcoming field trails and baldy release
    1. gaps with airship upstreams?
    2. gaps with cookbook?
    3. gaps with labs?
  1. RC WS
    1. RC open issues:
    2. RC gaps, what should be done to support upcoming field trails and baldy release
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