Meeting Logistics: 

Attendee List:

  1. Michael Fix (AT&T)
  2. Al Morton  (AT&T)
  3. Jim Baker (LF)
  4. Scott Steinbrueck (AT&T)
  5. Parth Yadav (University of Delhi)
  6. Toshiyasu Wakayama (KDDI)
  7. Trevor Cooper (Intel)
  8. Lincoln Lavoie

Goals of Meeting

  1. Admin (5 min)
    1. 2020 Summer Interns
      1. TSC approved 2 CNTT resources for SDV and HDV work
      2. Holding pattern until candidate list is provided from LF
      3. Resources start early June
      4. ink to Mentor Program details
    2. CIRV Repo
      1. Locations:
      2. CLA & Gerrit remote add issues resolved
      3. SDV prototype uploaded
      4. HDV prototype to be uploaded soon (reviews being conducted -
      5. Reviews and Approvals pending to add a jenkins-ci job run python quality / sanity checks (e.g. pylint) against builds (under discussion in Gerrit)
    3. Demo - VSPerf will be demo'ed in OPNFV Community calls
  2. RI (25 min)
    1. Requirements Gaps (see wiki - working session)
      1. Jason Li - to review/edit "Test Req Interpretation" and "Testable" columns.  
      2. Request for reviews/edits will be sent once Jason is complete.
    2. Cookbook status - confirmed a priority for Baldy → Mike to confirm with Fu Ciao that Baldy items, Cookbook and Requirements Mapping are receiving sufficient attention
  3. RC (25 min)
    1. PR Review
      1. [RC1 - Ch03] Documentation Updates - Clarify Statements for Excluded Test Cases #1163 → comment & follow requesting approvals done today
      2. [RC1 - Ch01] Clarify Conformance Categories #1283 → approved, pending merge → additional changes / clarification recommended; Mike to make the necessary changes and re-request (re)review & (re)approval
    2. Following were reviewed with confirmation the are Baldy delivery items
      1. Cookbook status
      2. Baldy Issues Review *
      3. Test Progress Weekly Summary (wiki)
      4. SDV
    3. OPNFV Project Gaps * → Not reviewed during call
    4. RC WS Volunteer table → Not reviewed during call

Next Meeting

  1. Issue Resolution Flow - a Process flow for issue handling will be reviewed with the RI-1 WS team for clarification and handling of environment/implementation gaps needing resolution for RI-1/RC-1 validations


Supporting Material:

  1. RC WS Volunteers (table, email)


    Volunteer Name




    Issue Tracking

    Daily (2x) review of open issues to ensure we have current status, request status from reviewers in GitHub, re-assign to others as needed


    PR Tracking



    Baldy Items

    Monitor the list of Baldy deliverables, measure progress, request status, and help write content


    Chapter Updates

    Review list of required content updates; write(co-write) content and/make updates to a chapter, or chapters


    Weekly Meeting Prep

    Host a weekly meeting (rotate the responsibility – 1 person / meeting per week)


    Weekly Results Tracking

    Update weekly wiki with status; measure success of closing gaps; raise concern when no progress being made


    Onboard OPNFV test projects

    There are 6 potential projects which need onboarding to Xtesting.  Setup meetings, integrate, onboard, and validate.


    Results Dashboard

    Integrate Results Dashboard for testing results


    Close RIRC Req Gaps

    Manage the closure of gaps in the RIRC Requirements-to-Test-Coverage gaps


    HDV and SDV Completion

    Track / Manager delivery of these two tools.



    Baldy Presentations

    Prepare Materials, and co-present for Baldy Release

  2. OPNFV Project Gaps
    1. Yardstick - discussing, nothing definitive, CNTT/Xtesting integration is part of the project's recurring call
    2. VSPerf - (Sridhar R.) ready to demo, wants to onboard - when (question)
    3. Barometer (Emma Foley, 2/19) - 
      1. Discussing, need clarification what is/isn’t already onboarded into Functest
      2.  ...initial feedback, Barometer TCs are not being run with functest.
      3. ...Determine what TCs we have and whether they are still valid/functional

      4. PTL provided wiki 2/26 of how to use; ack. no discussion on integrating Xtesting; they will research and follow-up with Cedric
    4. NFVBench - Alex H.
      1. Discussion 2/25 → can cover two Performance Requirements at a minimum
      2. Provided requirements, test cases, and overview
      3. Value-add in Latency, Throughput, and Capacity benchmarking
      4. Requires external TRex traffic generator (use on jump host), specific NICs (710s already in lab), and access to TOR switch w/ software config
      5. Intel to provide 'best effort' support if we decide to pursue
      6. On hold right now pending review / integration of Prox, and demo of VSPerf week of 3/2
    5. Storperf (Mark B) - discussing, ready to onboard, dialogue open about storage KPIs, but promoting need to baseline first before having established KPIs
    6. SampleVNF – discussing, with renewed interested and potential validations of perf profiling capabilities (as discussed in Prague
      1. Prox is code residing in SampleVNF project, which can be used for performance profiling
      2. Follow-up needed with Luc to determine feasibility and traceability to requirements for what Prox can cover
  3. Baldy Deliverables:  CNTT Baldy  
    1. RI Goals:
      Reference #FeatureNotesVolunteerRelated Issues
      baldy.ri1.1General CleanupsAll ChaptersQiao Fu
      baldy.ri1.2Complete Overall RequirementsCh02Currently do not see any need for update. Will create issue if certain requirement been pointed out
      baldy.ri1.3Complete Lab Requirements → Need an issue?Ch04
      Currently do not see any need for update. Will create issue if certain requirement been pointed out
      baldy.ri1.4Complete Target State & MetadataCh03

      need careful review to see if we capture all the requirement from RM and RA.

      baldy.ri1.5Complete Installer Requirements and hardware delivery requirement


      Liang Chen

      baldy.ri1.6Complete Lab Cookbook (Ops)Ch06[RI] baldy.ri1.6 - Complete Lab Cookbook (Ops) #1165
      baldy.ri1.6Restructure & Complete Integration Cookbook → Need an issue?Ch07

      baldy.ri1.7*Implement Profiles within OPNFV Installers and consume CNTT metadataDEV

      Lincoln Lavoie

      Sridhar Rao

      This work depends on the on-going activity and discussion of information model in OPNFV.  create one issue to follow this work

    2. RC Goals:

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