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Internship Projects/Mentors


ONAP Modeling/etsicatalog






The Modeling/etsicatalog project provides VNF/PNF/NS package management service by Micro Service. It also includes a TOSCA parser service which provides generic parser service. As the unified run-time catalog, its VNF/PNF/NS package management interfaces align with SOL003/005 specification.
Etsicatalog is a standalone web application based on Python3 and DJango framework.
Etsicatalog is going to support SDC Subscription/Notification functions in Guilin version. SDC is the most important design-time component of ONAP. The mentee will be required to make the technical research and take part in the development related this function under the guide of our team. Some work on Alignment with SOL specification for API is also required for the mentee. Besides, We will consider the support for CNF which is a stretch goal (need volunteer)alignment with the CNF task force where applicable.

Additional Information

Get more detail information about the project, please refer to the wiki page:

Learning Objectives

  • Have a comprehensive for the architecture of ONAP.
  • Familiar with the development process and CICD of ONAP
  • Take part in the design, development and test of Modeling/etsicatalog project

Expected Outcome

  • Accomplish assigned development task.
  • Related document and report.

Relation to LF Networking 

The Modeling/etsicatalog belongs to Modeling project of ONAP.

Education Level

Postgraduate student is preferred. 


  • Familiarity with Python programming. Knowledge of DJango framework  is appreciated.
  • Proficient understanding of data structures, database, OOP. 
  • Basic understanding of one of the code versioning tools like Git.
  • Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills in English.

Future plans

Continue development.

Preferred Hours and Length of Internship

Prefer to Part-Time Intern: 20 hours per week for 24 consecutive weeks.
Full-Time Intern is also welcomed.

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Name: Yuanhong Deng
Mobile: +86 13520000742


Zihao Chen

Project Results

SDC Sub/Notification

Lightening Talk Recording

 LF Networking ONAP - Modeling_etsicatalog.mp4

Final Report


  1. Thank you for the proposition.

    Can you also please consider CNF if the bandwidth of the mentee affords based on what the ONAP TSC CNF Task Force will recommend?

    1. We will consider CNF but it depends on the resource. There is no resource to guarantee the support for CNF in Guilin Release for the present.