Meeting Logistics: 

Attendee List:

  1. Qiao Fu (china Mobile)
  2. Michael Fix (AT&T)
  3. Deepanshu Bhatia (VoerEir)
  4. Jim Baker (LF)
  5. Daniel Balsiger (Swisscom)
  6. Rajamani Rajesh (Spirent)
  7. Luc Provoost(Intel)
  8. Pierre Lynch (Keysight)
  9. Jiaqiang Zhang (China Mobile)
  10. Liang Chen (CMCC)
  11. Lincoln Lavoie
  12. Saad Ullah Sheikh ((Saudi Telecom Company - STC)
  13. Sridhar Rao (Spirent)
  14. Scott Steinbrueck (AT&T)

Goals of Meeting

  1. Admin
  2. Status
    1. Labs & Next Steps (POD10/15)
    2. HDV
  3. (New) Gaps, Issues, & Weekly Summary
  4. Demos
    1. VSPerf - tabled until next week
    2. S/W (Manifest) Validation - occurred later in the day 2/26
  5. Time Permitting (No time to cover)
    1. Discuss open PRs
    2. HDV - deep dive, next steps on tooling and prototype (leverage CMCC, HPE, Ironic, etc) 
    3. RC Test Case | Req Gap Assessment → see updates on communication / discussions with PTLs below
    4. Review April Release Deliverables
      1. Review Backlog
      2. Confirm Issue
    5. Review / Add Apr. CNTT workshop topics
    6. Spirent NFVI/VIM onboard of TCs
  6. AOB



  1. AdminMove Baldy backlog to Hallasan by EOW
  2. Status
    1. Labs & Next Steps (POD10/15)
      1. Prior status:  
        1. Pod10: Access to APIs work.  Stable, but not running Functest.
        2. Pod15: Investigation of failed health check.
      2. Today status:
        1. Satisfied with deployments
        2. Need to confirm test runs which are enabled - Gerrit request placed to enable test runs -
        3. Related to Test Gaps, but a proposal was made to run Prox based tests, as data plan tests.   
          1. RC documentation was updated to include Prox in addition to other projects mentioned (VSPerf, NFVBench, Yardstick)
          2. Luc to check on open issues related to Prox in documentation, and ensure validations mention the option of using Prox 
    2. HDV - finalize schema, build prototype
      1. Prior status: 
        1. Solicited developer volunteers to help build prototype.
          1. Ram, Vinayak (NFV BU) <> - Utilizes standard interfaces based on Redfish to query the infrastructure and get the information to be validated. 
      2. Today status:
        1. CMCC presentation made at OPNFV call 2/24 - general interest to move forward with a subsequent call for the build-out and use of an HDV utiilty.
        2. Need developer who can contribute - VMWare not available, HPE indicating they are checking with their management before proceeding
        3. Use community call to drive interest. → Lincoln send email to OPNFV Tech Community to have a deep(er) discussion on HDV at the next OPNFV call on 3/2
  3. Gaps, Issues, & Weekly Summary
    1. CIRV project
    2. Purpose:  
      1. Ensure RI-1 implementation matches RM and RA-1 requirements (config and deployment)
      2. Ensure RC-1 suites validate both Application (OpenStack) and CNTT (config, capabilities. Extensions, etc) requirements
    3. Mentioned this will be shared with Gov weekly
      1. Reviewed Gaps - went over table layout, solicited support from RI-1 WS for assistance verifying "RI-1 Implemented (Yes/No) column.
      2. Reviewed Weekly Summary - two parts: 1) Issues/Defects which result in Release Notes, and 2) Test Summary - to demonstrate consecutive runs/failures
  4. Demo
    1. VSPerf - tabled until next week
    2. S/W (Manifest) Validation - occurred later in the day 2/26
      1. Prior status:
        1. Sridhar Rao created initial set of aspects (configuration) to validate as part of manifest (S/W) validation.
        2.  Config needs to be done
      2. Today status: 

        1. Demo provided
          1. Pre-deploy validations reviewed → provides manifest file integrity checks, and stages mandatory and optional requirements → target final delivery 3/4
          2. Post-deploy --> more time needed for development --> end of march → presumably, can leverage helm, or kubectl verifications → target final delivery EOM March
        2. Dev feedback and contributions needed → will demo to the OPNFV Community 3/2, showing prototype, hoping to spur interests to accelerate tool delivery
  5. Time Permitting (No time to cover)
    1. Discussion Open PRs
      1. [RI Ch09] Pharos Details in Development Chapter #1058
      2. [RI] update chp 03 with hardware profile info #1067
      3. [RC1 - Ch03] Documentation Updates - Clarify Statements for Excluded Test Cases #1163
    2. HDV - deep dive
    3. RC Test Case | Req Gap Assessment
      1. Prior status:  
        1. Chapter 3 data plan performance testing – Luc P. will insert perf test tools/content, for expanding this section (leveraging SampleVNF) 
        2. Next steps: → update based on 2/24-2/26 discussions with PTLs
          1. (Cedric) will add traceability (TCs to requirements) in RC Ch 5; to close gaps
          2. (Mike) Reached out to OPNFV TSC and LFN to get traction on onboarding needed OPNFV projects 
            1. Yardstick - discussing, nothing definitive, CNTT/Xtesting integration is part of the project's recurring call
            2. VSPerf - (Sridhar R.) ready to demo, wants to onboard
              1. Demo'd prototype 2/26
              2. Pre-deployment Manifest Checks target end 3/4
              3. Post-deployment Validations target EOM March
              4. Target EOM Feb - to add containers for Xtesting → to be confirmed
            3. Barometer (Emma Foley, 2/19) - 
              1. Discussing, need clarification what is/isn’t already onboarded into Functest
              2.  ...initial feedback, Barometer TCs are not being run with functest.
              3. ...Determine what TCs we have and whether they are still valid/functional

              4. PTL provided wiki 2/26 of how to use; ack. no discussion on integrating Xtesting; they will research and follow-up with Cedric
            4. NFVBench - Alex H.
              1. Discussion 2/25 → can cover two Performance Requirements at a minimum
              2. Provided requirements, test cases, and overview
              3. Value-add in Latency, Throughput, and Capacity benchmarking
              4. Requires external TRex traffic generator (use on jump host), specific NICs (710s already in lab), and access to TOR switch w/ software config
              5. Intel to provide 'best effort' support if we decide to pursue
              6. On hold right now pending review / integration of Prox, and demo of VSPerf week of 3/2
            5. Storperf (Mark B) - discussing, ready to onboard, dialogue open about storage KPIs, but promoting need to baseline first before having established KPIs
            6. SampleVNF – discussing, with renewed interested and potential validations of perf profiling capabilities (as discussed in Prague
              1. Prox is code residing in SampleVNF project, which can be used for performance profiling
              2. Follow-up needed with Luc to determine feasibility and traceability to requirements for what Prox can cover
    4. Review April Deliverables:  CNTT Baldy  
      1. RI Goals:
        Reference #FeatureNotesVolunteerRelated Issues
        baldy.ri1.1General CleanupsAll ChaptersQiao Fu
        baldy.ri1.2Complete Overall RequirementsCh02Currently do not see any need for update. Will create issue if certain requirement been pointed out
        baldy.ri1.3Complete Lab Requirements → Need an issue?Ch04
        Currently do not see any need for update. Will create issue if certain requirement been pointed out
        baldy.ri1.4Complete Target State & MetadataCh03

        need careful review to see if we capture all the requirement from RM and RA.  

        baldy.ri1.5Complete Installer Requirements and hardware delivery requirement


        Liang Chen

        baldy.ri1.6Complete Lab Cookbook (Ops)Ch06[RI] baldy.ri1.6 - Complete Lab Cookbook (Ops) #1165
        baldy.ri1.6Restructure & Complete Integration Cookbook → Need an issue?Ch07

        baldy.ri1.7*Implement Profiles within OPNFV Installers and consume CNTT metadataDEV

        Lincoln Lavoie

        Sridhar Rao

        This work depends on the on-going activity and discussion of information model in OPNFV.  create one issue to follow this work

      2. RC Goals:

    5. Review / Add Apr. CNTT workshop topics
      1. HDV - pre software validation (demo?)
      2. Manifest - post software validation (demo?)
      3. RI-1: Deep Dive
      4. RI-1: Demo
      5. RC-1: OPNFV Badging LC Process
      6. RC-1: RC Delivery Cycle - multiple times, confirming CNTT requirements met
      7. RC-1: Cookbook
      8. RC-1: Deep Dive
    6. Spirent NFVI/VIM onboard of TCs
  6. AOB  
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