• Walk on and Agenda bashing
    • Iruya Release OPNFV laying groundwork for CNTT in terms of work done in Airship, Functest
    • GSMA RM PRD to release PRD to public for ONES EU release. 
      • Action Item to define 'done', i.e. timing of hand off of GSMA and GSMA for publishing. 
  • Prague Success and 2020 Expectations
    • Established HL buy-in on need to establish mode of operations
      • Release Management coming into full focus - Baldy release, RI-RC, etc.
      • OVP, OPNFV alignment, Launches will be scope
      • Potential WS alignment changes/reorganizing/appeal for contributors
      • Go forward
  • Prioritize Prague Action Items
    • RLM Action Items
      • Baldy, Future, Other, or Cancel
      • Assign 30/60/90/180 day targets
    • WS unassigned Action Items
      • Propose assignment of 17.1 and 17.4 to RLM WS
      • Assign 30/60/90/180 day targets


  • Iruya is last release under OPNFV legacy. All new releases on hold until OPNFV/CNTT joint plan can be developed.
  • Starting PR drive for Iruya release
  • Groundwork laid in Iruya - i.e. Airship, Functest, others? enhancements
    • Action Item - straw man some communications, get CNTT leadership approval -  follow up on / one or two bullet points each Jonathan Beltran
    • Action Item - i.e. Functest/X-testing made ? contributions to the development RI - Cedric Ollivier 
    • Action Item - i.e. Airship made ? contributions to the development of RI - Sridhar Rao
  • See updates to: Baldy - CNTT Governance Actions
  • See proposed updates to: Baldy - CNTT (WS To Be Assigned) Actions

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