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Topics (w/Notes)

  • Anti-Trust Policies 
  • Walk-On Items - Agenda Bashing 
    • Structure discussion's underway. Looking for potential to consolidate WS. Rabi Abdel
    • Jonne Soininen Agree on direction.
  • GSMA & LFN Updates  Heather Kirksey Jisu Park
    • GSMA
      • Working group. Targeting Antwerp to release GSMA PRD.
      • Still discussing co-host a part of Seoul (June event)
      • Jisu happy to share contacts in South Korea.
      • Action Item - need to recruit them.
      • Action Item - need backup plan if health concerns take higher concern (Coronavirus). Rick Tennant
      • Action Item - Ready to have initial discussion on Whitepaper. Event in June in Shanghai could potentially be leveraged. Nick Chase Jisu Park
        • Chapter 1 of reference model is a good place to start. Also Tech Steering Document.
    • LFN
      • 2 days for LFN (directly after ONES NA) in LA 
      • Logistics being finalized starting in a couple weeks.
      • OPNFV 2.0 discussions starting in OPNFV TSC. New Chair/Vice-Chair Elections in progress.
      • EUAG communicated they are doing a survey. Beth Cohenrequested to add CNTT-related questions. (Use Marcom survey already drafted). Next time if too late.
  • Housekeeping/Announcements
    • RM WS Lead change (Mark Shostak/Kelvin Edmison)
    • Brian Bearden Rabi Abdel Thank yous
      • Kelvin is temp Lead until structure finalized
  • Governance 
    • Release & Lifecycle Management
      • Baldy high-level release planning (11 weeks until ONES in LA)
      • WS leads - please groom Prague action items lists
      • CNTT / OPNFV alignment progress
        • OPNFV Iruya Release announcements to include messaging of enhancements being released as prep for supporting CNTT capabilities
        • Confirmed: Iruya release will be last OPNFV release fully planned without CNTT capabilities, i.e. next release planning cycle to include all technical CNTT-related planning items
          • Functest is aligned with CNTT (Functest and Xtesting is more than 70% of OPNFV code contribution in Iruya cycle). No need to 'wait' on Functest Cedric Ollivier
          • Continuing to align with OPNFV Mike Fix
    • Marketing & Communications
      • Press / public announcements for ONES NA (April 20-21) for CNTT
        • Major technical milestones? RI (OpenStack), RA2 (Kubernetes)?
        • Outstanding / diverse community growth (momentum, speed, etc.)?
      • Scheduling Interviews with key business stakeholders Nick Chase
      • Action ItemBrian Bearden reach out to Nick Chase set up intro to Ryan Van Wyk 
      • Action Item -  discuss 'wins' for ONES NA in Recruiting, Engagement, Adoption WS
      • Beth Cohen has VZ stakeholders to interview also.
      • GSMA would like to join in on panels in ONES NA. Panel and Keynote. Does it make sense to do Keynote?
      • Action Item - Beth Cohento include GSMA / Jisu Park
    • Technical F2F Planning
  • Technology to


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