• Anti-Trust Policies 
  • Walk-On Items - Agenda Bashing 
    • Next Release Name – proposed Baldy and Gorgonio – Baldy won.
    • PR #896 - elections for all workstreams scalability
    • New calendar appointments coming from Brian Bearden (AT&T) replacing invites from Mark Cottrell (AT&T)
      • Governance Steering Committee
      • Community Steering & Oversight 
      • Governance Master Lead Meeting 
  • GSMA & LFN Updates  Heather Kirksey Jisu Park
  • Governance Work Streams
    • Post Prague Discussion
      • Straw Man of Action Items coming out of Prague
      • Observations and potential changes for LA
    • Suggested Release Approach - Identify candidates for Governance and Technology Tracks
      • 1st day – WS review
      • Next days – WS work through MVP candidates
      • Final – recap and path forward
      • Timeline
  • Technology


  • Walk on and Agenda Bashing
    • Next release name confirmed: Baldy
    • PR 896 elections for all workstreams scalability
    • AI - will merge work streams to minimize # of work streams
    • AI - Rabi Abdel can propose merging Technical
    • AI - Brian Bearden can propose merging Governance (e.g. Gov: Metrics/Oversight/Steering could be merged)
  • GSMA - LFN Updates
    • LFN - DDF challenges of agenda for DDF is last-minute planning and changes
    • LFN is working with GSMA to engage more
  • Governance Workstreams
    • Post Prague Discussion
      • Next time - spend more time on future looking content and creation
      • AI - need to decide on April ONES NA - targeting 2 or 3? days for workshop Jim Baker Rick Tennant
      • AI - consider having 1/2 day plenary and the rest deep dive sessions
      • AI - consider having just a CNTT  workshop (possibly accept 
    • AI - Putting RI1 and RC1 resources, Brian Beardensuggests CNTT to set up a WOW! factor to audience in ONES NA
    • AI - Beth Cohento send Keynote / Session proposals for ONES NA 
    • Add'l Feedback
      • Cross-community feedback to Jim Baker
      • CNTT Major observations
        • Need to minimize slideware/work more on PRs and Issues 
        • Would be important to make planning more transparent with a more visible programming committee
          • Next time: Spend less time statusing what was delivered.
          • Spend more time working thru PRs and Issues and grooming for next release.
          • AI - Get feedback from Technical Workstreams during TSC during F2F planning
        • Suggestion: have WS leads present what expecting to get out of this. 
        • Suggestion: have more TSC and WS leads meet and get alignment from different streams, e.g. two hours
        • Suggestion: RI2 and RI1 over lapped/conflicted resources. Need to make these workshops run in serial
      • AI - Jonathan Beltranto post action list to wiki for feedback
      • AI - Jonathan Beltran Jim Bakerreach out to Heather Kirksey to confirm if we have 2 or 3 days
      • AI - Suggestion: is we can overlap with Unconference meetings on day 3 of ONES itself
    • Baldy Release Approach - Baldy release groooming
      • AI - need to agree on contents of Baldy
        • E.g. have an RI and have started a level of RC started at least so can announce 
      • AI - need to come up with MVP candidates to deliver for Baldy
      • Next TSC - grooming is the next topic 
      • Need to have alignment between governance and technical WS
      • AI - for governance master WS can discuss what gov WS will deliver
      • Rabi Abdel target for next Baldy release is to mature content that we already have - we'll have a full story to tell
      • Brian Bearden top priority is to get R*1 end to end for Baldy
    • Technology
      • No TSC meeting this week. Working on cleaning up documents. 
      • @looking for a cross-community technical coordinators to discuss and handle alignments with OPNFV, OVP, CNTT, CNCF TUG, etc.
      • Working on spinning up new WS for RI2
      • RA2 and RI2 will be approached differently than R*1
      • Michael Fix (AT&T) need to look at resources for R*2. 
      • Michael Fix (AT&T) have technical and process aspects for April. AI - strawman what is really needed for Baldy


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