Agenda Topics:

  • Anti-Trust Policies 
  • Walk-On Items - Agenda Bashing
  • GSMA & LFN Updates Heather Kirksey Jisu Park
  • Governance Work Streams
    • CNTT Technical F2F Work Shop - Prague, January 13-16, 2020 (see appendix for detail)
      • Prague Facility | Logistical Updates
      • Agenda
        • Call for Proposed Topics
    • Business and Technical Metrics
      • Priority Needs
        • Developer resource: to write scripts, pull data, etc. from GitHub, other data sources as we discover them.
        • Identify the repos participants are contributing to currently.
        • Description of what components of CNTT the repo is used for (e.g. RM, RAx, RIx, RCx, sub-components if available)
  • Technology
  • Governance Work streams Overall Status Mark Cottrell


  • GSMA & LFN
    • LFN - Heather
    • Recommends future readout of Kubecon on Governance call 
    • GSMA - Jisu looking to figure out three things:
      1. documentation work
        1. understand which org/own will take over documentation work
        2. how delivered to gsma, i.e. digital delivery
          1. AI proposing making first version 
        3. who will deliver documentation
      2. Scope of GSMA handover: RM ok, RA needs further discussion. 
      3. GSMA offering to host in June
    • AI - Heather Kirksey Jisu Park Mark Cottrell / Rick Tennant to discuss offline
    • AI - add GSMA handover session topic to Prague agenda Rick Tennant
  • CNTT F2F Workshop, Prague Rick Tennant (See appendix)
    • LFN Guidance on coordination for Prague 
    • AI - Submit all Prague topic proposals by EOD next Tuesday (12/10) (See link in appendix)
      • MUST HAVES
        1. If you are assigned in Facilitator(s) column, you need to confirm willing to facilitate "YES" in Committed/Confirmed column. (If not, that session will likely be deprioritized).
        2. If you have any topics you need but are not on the list, please add and fill in details accordingly
    • AI - If anyone wants to sponsor the LFN event lunch, please contact Heather Kirksey
    • Business and Technical Metrics
      • Specalytics tools needs to be reviewed. Works for openstack, not for OPNFV. 
      • Challenge is user identify management
        • data grooming
      • LFN uses Bitergia
    • AI - Need volunteer for 
  • Technology
    • Release Roadmap discussion
      • Cedric saying Ch. 5? is ready today.
      • What is available today
      • OVP needs to get aligned with what we have available.
      • We need to be able to link RI to RC from a business perspective to set proper expectations for adoption
      • MC would like to see RC1 alpha and main release one to the left. 
      • Need to have the 'badges' defined before release. Badges don't show up till official version.
        • Separate release numbering from actual badging? I.e. friendly release in April time frame, then scale up so achieve RC1 v1
        • The badge is the meaningful component to mean something to Telcos
        • AI - Proposal to add beta to release cadence
      • AI - add issues here to Prague RLM topics Jonathan Beltran


CNTT Technical F2F Work Shop - Prague, January 13-16, 2020


  • Start | Stop Times:  09:00 - 18:00 (facility must be vacated by 18:30)
  • Lunches will not be provided - 1.5 hour lunch break each day
    • Cafe in facility (snacks  only); food service within walking distance of facility
  • Two 30 minute breaks (10:30, 15:30) will include snack & beverage service
  • Beverage service available all day

Facility Update

  • Forum Hall will not be utilized - separate, joined rooms will be utilized for LFN sessions
  • South Hall A&B dedicated to CNTT
    • Accommodates up to 150 (nested-U configuration requested with electric to all tables)
  • Two other rooms available to OPNFV & CNTT for meetings | un-conference sessions
    • Accommodates 25 in a classroom configuration


  • Day 1 & Day 2 plenary topics will remain as planned; Day 3 & Day 4 breakout session topics are still under development and open for proposals
  • Agenda topics can be proposed via this link: CNTT Deep Dive & Cross-Community Sessions Proposals: CNTT F2F Technical Work Shop (Prague)
    • Open to all community members
    • Proposed topics should be submitted by EOD 12/10/19 to be considered
    • Important: Include indication to facilitate session with "YES" in the Confirmed | Commit column
    • Agenda topics will be finalized by 12/13/19
      • Schedule  will be set at this time with possible minor changes prior to work shop start
      • Proposed agenda will be reviewed on 12/12/19 Governance call
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