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Topics (Draft)


Walk-On Items & Agenda Bashing

  • GSMA Document discussion requested by Jisu Park
  • UNH Proposal - CNTT needs to approve a server configuration. Technical side in process of doing that. Mark Shostak
    • Targeting sign off in next week TSC call.
    • Looking for alignment with Governance awareness, get any non-technical input.
    • This need to be submitted by end of next week.
    • What is the HW available for? Rabi Abdelthis would be Lab-As-A-Service
      • UNH will procure and make available to CNTT and others
      • There is PR with details in Github
    • How much would it cost? Rabi Abdel UNH will handle this. This is not a CNTT concern.
    • Risk is misalignment of LAAS, in the end, with RM. Kelvin Edmison
    • AI - Approved by Governance with caveats:
      1. This requires Technical Steering discussion and approval of specs.
      2. This is a UNH owned system.
      3. UNH would need to understand there is risk because RI1 specs not finalized, and may change.
      4. CNTT not legally bound to specs.
      5. Stipulate needs to only be used at UNH.
    • PR to RI for UNH Lab hardware:
    • Mark Cottrell AI - if Playbook ends up changing needs to be well-known, understood, managed in RI. CNTT would request changes to be compliant with RI reqs
    • Mark Shostak Risk is incremental, e.g. first spec is x86-based with minor difference in storage and interface speed
    • Kelvin Edmison there is discussion in having minimum CPU speed in spec.
    • AI - Mark / Jonathan to join Technical steering and one of the Leads for attending Technical call next week 6am (ct?).
  • Nick Chase
    • Marketing discussion; need to get idea of what CNTT messaging needs to be to business decision makers who are ultimately deciding on adoption.
      • e.g. Starts with Technical arm, moves way up to VP
      • VP typically will sponsor business case
      • VP typically will want to want to know benefits, set of data point to say why beneficial to company
      • ...typically will also go to Financial approval arm of company
    • Marketing would like to interview business leads to get a sense of what they are thinking.
    • Mark Cottrell recommendations
      • AI - ask members to host the call with the business decision maker with Marketing workstream. This is major ask.
      • AI - could also ask members to collect feedback if unable to get an interview.
  • Technology Status Rabi Abdel
    • Good progress and gains as folks get to know process and systems.
    • RA2 also doing very well.
    • Looking at ways to improve process in Github.
    • RI & RC Michael Fix (AT&T)
      • POC running right now in Intel Lab
        • Thanks to Spirent and LFN Infra WG
      • RI issues reorganized into better work plan/assignments
      • Opening Asia friendly timezone meeting
      • RC thanks to Orange/ Cedric Ollivier for RI Ch 5 applied to FuncTest test suite
      • Rajamani Rajesh Intel POD 10 in good shape. Cedric Ollivier and Sridhar Rao worked on this.
        • Goals: Common scripts desired to bring up a POD. Making progress on this reuse goal.
        • AI - need cookbook that is POD agnostic that walks thru mechanics to get lab set up
    • Mark Cottrell Community seems to be rallying around RI and RC. Great to see acceleration growth here.
    • Mark Cottrell 'the Business Technical side' Governance Workstream review. Slide attached.
      • AI - please don't forget about the 'business technical side' because important to get big initiatives like this done.
    • Rick Tennant reviewed pics of rooms.
    • Plugfest
      • moved proposals over to LFN OPNFVs page
      • meeting tomorrow to understand their next steps and will convey
  • Holiday Season Schedule Mark Cottrell
    • No governance call next week, Nov. 28th (US Holiday)
    • No governance call on Dec. 19th and 26th unless there is an urgent issue to address.
    • Workstream work will continue as per WS plans.
  • AI - Jisu Park and Rabi Abdel to come discussion and come up with plan re: GSMA documentation.


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