@name (Company)

  1. Mark Cottrell (AT&T)
  2. Rick Tennant (AT&T)
  3. Jim Baker
  4. Beth Cohen (Verizon)

  5. Vincent Danno (Orange)

  6. Joerg Aelken (Ericsson)
  7. Mark Shostak (AT&T)
  8. Peter Woerndle (Ericsson)
  9. Rabi Abdel (Vodafone)
  10. @Pankaj Goyal (AT&T)
  11. Heather Kirksey  (LF)
  12. Dongwook Kim (GSMA); on behalf of Jisu Park
  13. Jonathan Beltran
  14. Michael Fix (AT&T)
  15. Ulrich Kleber (Huawei)
  16. Pierre Lynch (Keysight)
  17. Herbert Damker (DT)
  18. Walter Kozlowski (Telstra)
  19. Nick Chase (Mirantis)
  20. Karine Sevilla (Orange)
  21. Trevor Cooper (Intel)
  22. Qiao Fu (China Mobile)
  23. Zhiqiang Yu (China Mobile)
  24. William Diego Maza
  25. Fernando Oliveira



  • Anti-Trust Policies for GSMA and LFN are in effect for CNTT discussions
  • Walk-on Items & Agenda Bashing
  • Housekeeping
  • GSMA & LFN Updates

    • GSMA considering hosting a CNTT event in London. Early 2020. (Kim Dongwook)
      • AI - F2F planning need to consider the offer and do some planning around this, consider facility sizing needed, topics, etc.
        • Workstreams could consider doing a more deep dive type of sessions.
          • Ideas/options:
            • Containerization discussion.
            • RI - RC planning
    • Contributor Licensing Agreement (CLA) - Jim Baker
      • All projects in LF subject to some sort of CLA
      • Activities per the ToR includes writing specs – which may require CLA for CNTT orgs - Jim has inquiry to legal
      • Work product that goes into OPNFV repos comes under CLA (on OPNFV side)
        • Includes code development and related artifacts
      • Question is whether CLA needs to be applied to work product in GitHub
      • Creative Commons work product doesn't need CLA - caveat - legal is checking
      • Action Item - main question - do we need to apply CLA to the specification documentation. LFN will return answer back. 
        • Assume we are ok unless/until we hear back.
  • Governance Workstreams
    • Prague F2F Planning
      • Review Priorities & Topics 
        • Put governance topics at the beginning of event to ensure participation (folks not leaving early)
        • Keep this short and crisp, suggestion is to break if possible
      • Audience / roles discussion
        • Contributors - Architects, Engineers, Developers, Test; deep technical background but may or may not write code
        • RM and RA - tends towards Architects with some Developers
        • RI and RC - tends towards Developers, Engineers, Test
      • Would like to use Forum Hall for plenary sessions appropriately has an asset
      • AI - Jim Bakerto get clearer understanding of Forum Hall layout
      • AI - get Agenda feedback by next gov call so we can 'rough in' the general timings and topics Rick Tennant
      • Agenda Table
        • WSLs mapped to Priority would be responsible for developing the presos/activities for the Topic
        • AI - identify break out/sub-sets 
      • Hack Challenges
        • Doodle poll to gov, to rank preference 1-9 as a topic
        • AI - add who proposed it. Table to next weeks call.
  • Technology Status
    • Overview
    • CIRV 

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