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Pankaj Goyal (AT+T)

Ian Gardner (Vodafone)

Karine Sevilla (Orange)

Manik Sidana (VoerEir)

Purpose to agree layout of Ch3 + 4 and distribute workload

Allocation of workload:

3.1 Ian Gardnerwill write opening paragraph

3.2.1 Ian Gardner 

3.2.3 Pankaj Goyal

3.2.2, 3.2.4 + 3.4  Karine Sevillawill take compute + network (agree with Samuel on carve up) - for both virtual and physical

Note: @liyingyjy "I can provide solutions of OVS offload, GPU, FPGA SmartNIC and the management of acceleration resource by cyborg. I am happy to produce initial content to discuss."

3.3 Ian Gardnermove diagram from CH4 to 3.3 and some of the general content

Telemetry & LCM - will move to CH7 (Ops and Lifecycle)

Security will move to CH6


Make modifications to the Word document and then later merge into github

Next meeting

Thursday 1600 (sorry I am busy at 1500 Pankaj Goyal Karine Sevilla ) CET 

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