(2019-10-28 meeting cancelled. Meeting moved to 11-12-2019.)


CNTT Structure Document Status

CNTT Structure Questions as of 2019-10-07v2.pdf


Mark Cottrell

Rick Tennant (AT&T)

Jim Baker

Beth Cohen (Verizon)

Jonathan Beltran

Phil Robb (Ericsson)

Rabi Abdel (Vodafone)

William Diego Maza

Agenda Topics:

  • Scope of Work Stream:
    • Define community strategies that align with Common NFVI mission, objectives & outcomes
      • Discussion: Do individuals feel our strategies are well known and understood?
    • Review & assess community success measures for required action(s)
      • Discussion: How do we measures overall success?
      • Discussion: Does the broader community agree on our measures?
    • Ensure compliance within the community to policies, process, & principle
      • Discussion
        • Onboarding
        • Organizational Structure and Workstreams
        • Governance and Technical Work Stream Nominations and Selections 
        • Voting and Approval
        • Relationship to GSMA and LFN
  • How to Leverage WS Contributors?
    • Discussion
      • Creating documentation
      • Project management and coordination 
      • Systems Implementation
      • Testing Development
      • Code Development
      • Other?
  •  CNTT Technical F2F Work Shop (January 2020) 



  • Proliferating workstreams and insufficient people to work on all of them Beth Cohen
    • 3 delivery teams - RM/RA, RI/RC, Governance
    • Supply vs. Demand - reduce scope(pacing) OR add resources
  • Teams not focused on the workstream at hand Rabi Abdel
    • Could adopt a 6 mo release cycle to sync with ONS AND shift to bi-weekly meetings
  • Is there a better way to structure the process and workflow? Jonathan Beltran
  • Summary Mark Cottrell
    • Cadence is an opportunity
    • Recruitment from the edge (not carriers, new members)
      • user-20f1f
        • Near edge - surge of resources post-Paris
        • E.g. using E/// as example, more engaged now than 3 weeks ago.
        • RA and RI and RC activities spinning up at same time makes for some slowdown.
        • Taking folks awhile to get drawn into conversation.
        • There is a want to engage more but need time to gel. "Rubber still hitting the road"
    • Idea - can we get a SPOC per org? Assess where org should contribute? RA, RI, RC? etc. alot of questions, e.g. 4 folks from same org. Rabi Abdel
      • Discussion - for some companies that might work, others not. More siloed companies would help, more distributed companies not so much. Mark Cottrell
      • If 3-4 months it takes to onboard, then all resources onboarded post ONS Antwerp not being effective yet in current release cycle. 
    • We have a supply and demand throughput concern. Can address by 1. increasing supply, or 2. lessening demand, 3. create efficiencies.
    • AI - Mark Cottrellto take temperature on this in Mid-Dec.
    • AI - Mark Cottrell going to summarize on directions to propose/take on this.
  • Prague F2F Planning Rick Tennant
    • AI - need to get feedback from folks on this Priorities & Topics Covered
      • Topics, timing (day 1, 2, or 3), any other type of feedback, comments, suggestions. Missed topics?
    • This is a priority topics table. Need to get feedback in next 24-36 hours. Then also gather ideas/feedback from WSLs.
    • Target is to review at this Thursday's governance call.
    • Jim Baker Community Development side - suggestion have  30 minute what we did today, what we're doing tomorrow to have continuing message 
      • Give community opportunity to gel.
      • AI - add CNCF TUG to community meetup list 
      • AI - suggest joint planning discussion with the communities so that folks can slot time appropriately
      • e.g. reserve last hour of day for community meetup
      • e.g. first 30 minutes 'day ahead' meetup
      • AI - Jim Bakerto put forward idea to other communities to get them to adopt this approach
      • Goals - need time to create clear direction for CNTT and OPNFV continuity Jim Baker
    • Early on in week have some level of preso as to what CNTT is and how expecting to interface with communities.
      • AI - add detail around presenting expectations and community relationships 
        • Touchpoints between CNTT and ONAP orchestration
        • have  preso on EXPECTED touchpoints between CNTT and OPNFV is similar (do we need to be clear about what kind of teams we need? test builders? use as recruitment activity) user-20f1f
        • AI - add session to highlight overall definition of CNTT on technical side
    • By having org stuff on agenda first day keeps people in the room upfront, early on, before people leave. 
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