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Agenda Topics:

  • Walk-On Items
  • GSMA & LFN Updates

    • LFN Developer & Testing Forum, has been confirmed for Prague, January 13-16, 2020
      • Additional planning for CNTT
  • CNTT Structure Questions and Response

  • Technology Status

    • Snezka Release - High-Level Roadmap

    • Reference Model (RM1) and Reference Architecture (RA1, RA2)

    • Reference Implementation (RI 1) and Reference Certification (RC 1)


  • GSMA & LFN Updates
    • LFN
    • Planning for CNTT Prague is beginning. We have a planning workstream for F2F planning. 
    • AI - F2F WS to have rough outline of agenda for review by Gov in a couple weeks.
    • AIl - if anyone would like to help plan for Prague please join this workstream. Jim Baker/Rick Tennant are co-leads.
      • Meetups with ONAP, CNCF, OPNFV, VNF Testing (ONAP focused now, but could discuss CNTT alignment), anyone else?
      • Need to figure out if CNTT needs 3 or 4 days. 
      • Recommendation to do POC, RI, maybe hacking time for RA/RI Developers
    • Working sessions with CNCF at Kubecon San Diego Nov. 2019 - 2 x Two Hour Working Sessions to discuss K8s cloud-native arch
      • Looking for a couple volunteers to work with CNCF/TUG
      • Gergely Csatari is volunteer for this discussion, All - any other volunteers?
    • GSMA
    • Next week potential topics for GSMA per Jisu Park 
    • Mark / Ildiko at MWC exploring how GSMA can enable OpenStack, CNTT, other efforts. AI - Mark to send notes to distro of this session.
      • Some Recommendations - Hosting more roundtable, joint-community small events are very useful.
  • CNTT Structure Questions and Response
    • Except for Onboarding category and next step revisions, doc hasn't changed since last gov call.
    • Background: Went to 39 telcos and partners in 6 months. Having to restructure is a 'good' problem to have to solve. Rework the informal process we've been using. Now we have many members from companies working across numerous workstreams. Small working group has been formed to establish new approach and work with community to develop responses to action items.
    • New category of Onboarding added.
    • (Reviewed categories, comments, next steps)
    • AI - add to doc the need to make sure that what we create something that fold into GSMA, OPNFV, etc. appropriately. - Beth volunteers to help with this alignment.
    • Goals of structure
      • Make sure that what we create something that fold into GSMA, OPNFV, etc. appropriately.
      • Also need to make sure we don't lose agility and dynamic nature until we are stable.
      • Rollover is natural and open-source community is good at this.
    • Reiterate current Lead/Co-Leads in place till Dec 2020 for consistency. People understand the commitment is for about a year.
    • AI - will work with contributors to develop document, then complete initial version and review with community for approval.
    • Relationship to LNF/OPNFV and GSMA - need to at least think about turnover of CNTT to other communities, how to ensure communities to receive CNTT workstream, what discussions needed, how to prepare for that?
  • Technology Status
    • Rabi thanks everyone for starting to focus and deliver on the content based on the new structure.
    • Looking to start leveraging JIRA on technology WSs
    • First RM meeting yesterday (1pm UTC). Mark Shostak  Ahmed El Sawaf and Weitao Gao kicked off the RM Snezka work.
    • RA1 WS meeting time has set. See Pankaj Goyal
    • RA2 WS meeting time still being worked out by next week. Doodle poll has been sent - if you are on this team please to make sure to complete this Doodle poll. See user-0322e (WSL)
    • RI1 WS meeting time has been set –  it is a combined meeting with RC1 on Weds at 1400 UTC. Informal kickoff synched up with all leads, cadence, recurring. Qiao Fu Rajamani Rajesh MICHAEL FIX. If there is need to do separate calls will do so.
      • Initial lab identified. Staging for deployment.
      • Need a second lab soon–starting to dialog that.
      • AI - there is an offer for labs in Slack, can someone check that out? Per Gergely Csatari
    • RC1 
      • Do want to start operations and shakeout even before we have first RI.

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