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CNTT Structure_Resource Distribution_v4_10.16.19.pdf


CNTT_Structure_2019_10_16v2.pptx (edits per meeting)





Agenda Topics:

  • Walk On Items
  • GSMA & LFN (Quick Updates)
  • Statistics

           CNTT Structure_Resource Distribution_v4_10.16.19.pdf

  • CNTT Structure
    • Interim
      • Lead/Co-Lead Assignments – ppt doc
      • Interim Processes – ppt doc
    • Structure Questions – word doc
  • Kekes High-Level Roadmap
  • Technical Status
  • Testing & Certification Status


  • Walk On Items
  • GSMA & LFN (Quick Updates)
  • Statistics
  • CNTT Structure
    • Word document is directional in nature. Work on this over next 4-6 weeks.
    • PPT is for interim operation. 
      • AI - JB post pdf of word doc. check into issue with inability to read. - DONE
      • AI - requesting vendors to consider filling gaps in lead/co-leads
      • CALL OUT - there is a need for more resources in RI space. All participants/companies requested to look at allocations and determine if they can re-balance resources to support RI and other spaces where resources are lacking. See CNTT Structure_Resource Distribution_v4_10.16.19.pdf.
      • THANK YOU - we have seen growth in resource commitments over the past few weeks.
      • AI - From a marketing and strategy perspective, need to include CNFs in communications. .e.g RC3 will likely turn towards CNFs.
      • CVC mentioned in WS Scope Illustration is directional in nature. For clarity, CVC box should be removed but still need to have discussions with CVC. 
      • Highlighted in yellow – late nominees
      • Open positions are noted to improve leadership diversity – please nominate for the openings requested
      • RA 1 Dev – need another lead / co-lead (operator?)
      • AI - RI needs additional  leads / contributors – request to pivot resources from other work streams to this area
      • OPNFV logo on RI – 1) Labs will be hosted by OPNFV, working as a project within OPNFV, 2) CNTT will have significant input into the OPNFV Labs, leveraging CNTT plans & vision
        • Balance with current processes in OPNFV with CNTT needs
      • AI - Jim B. to get statement from LFN/CNCF on certification.
      • AI - can add name on change from Fu Qiao.
      • Facilitators will be leveraged to ensure major areas (collective work streams, e.g. RM, RA, RI, RC, Gov) are integrated & glued together
      • DECISION - All leads / co-leads incl. late nominations are accepted. Term is till end of 2020. (Leads/Co-Leads Wiki Version 214). Will accept new leads for gaps identified only and expected adjustments to be sent via email from from Fu Qiao (CM).
      • DECISION - CNTT Structure as documented in the "CNTT_Structure_2019_10_16.pptx" linked at the top of this page is accepted for interim operation. 


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