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Walk-On Items

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GSMA & LFN Updates

  • LFN - what is the plan for the June - July, 2020 F2F?
  • LFN is targeting somewhere in Asia for this event. LFN needs to have discussion of Dec vs. Jan for regular cadence–what makes sense? Need to settle on 4 sessions per year.
    • Parking this discussion – Heather to continue pursuing. Also may include issues related to balancing resources amongst community.


  • Next F2F Workshop - Budapest
    • We are confirmed for Jan. 14th-16th, 2020 - Revision: Week of Jan 13th for co-located ONAP & CNTT Workshop. This is LFN 'Plan A'.
    • Ericsson Hungary, R&D Center - is 'Plan B' still
    • Budapest, Magyar tudósok körútja 11, 1117 Hungary
    • LFN is still looking at a Plan A to host in with Budapest or Warsaw still. Still getting feedback from venues. 
    • LFN targeting COB tomorrow (Fri.) get all info from venues.
  • CNTT Structure
    • SC and Workstream Signup Metrics
      • Material: CNTT Work Stream Resource Distribution.pdf
      • 1 lead or less than 4 total participants are starred
      • Organizations requested to move/redistribute/recruit new member resources around after analyzing the spread and fill gaps as see fit
      • VZ to add folks to list too
      • Leads / Co-Leads - prefer coordinator/facilitator + technical depth to lead forward help discussion move forward to making decisions
      • Lead / Co-Leads - expected to encourage content creation based on subject matter also
      • Action Item - set up discussion w/OPNFV TSC to move forward, have a special separate discussion around path forward with them: CNTT SCs and TSC. - Fu Qiao, Mike, Mark S. to lead this effort.
        • Include Reference Compliance leads in discussion. 
        • Send out resource distribution slide to OPNFV to discuss needs jointly - e.g. for RI Dev.
        • Also need clarity on responsibilities/ownership/decision-making/gaps with respect to engagement model between CNTT and OPNFV.
          • Need clear honest discussion.
        • Discussion to find the blend that works right for OPNFV to continue or pause.
        • Recommendation by Heather for working with OPNFV, take care to not be too narrowed or siloed toward CNTT because a number of other ancillary services and projects require resources.
        • CNTT not yet main topics in OPNFV TSC meetings, need a shift to happen to engender ownership. 
      • Action Item - additional engagement needed from CNCF.
    • Questions Document
      • Material:  CNTT Structure Questions as of 2019-10-07v2.pdf
      • Bulk of comments and concerns around the lead/co-lead nomination and selection process and voting
      • Recommendation by M. Cottrell - important to have blend of Telcos and Vendor partners
      • We'll incorporate new comments incoming after 10/7
      • Proposing Gov and Technical steering will come together to formalize plan and process to address any new functional areas questions/comments.
      • Devote next weeks meeting to this topic.


  • Request: Seeking speakers from CNTT for an Open meetup at Dell on Friday 25th @Noon in Santa Clara Dell Campus.  Sukhdev Kapur from Juniper has volunteered to do this event.
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